What’s the best way to house train my dog?

CANINE COLLEGE 1 White Rock Spring Rd Holbrook, MA 02343 781-767-3908 Caninecollege.net CRATE TRAINING & HOUSEBREAKING -1- Probably THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment you will ever buy is a dog crate. The dog crate has long been accepted, trusted, and taken for granted by dog show exhibitors, obedience & field competitors, trainers, breeders, groomers, veterinarians and anyone else who handles dogs regularly. Individual pet owners however, often reject the idea of a “cage” for their pet, because they feel that enforced confinement is “cruel” or a punishment. That is NOT the way that the dog feels when the crate is properly utilized. The dog is a den animal ( like a wolf or a fox) and the safe enclosed shelter of the dog crate is a “security blanket” for the pup in the often bewildering world of humans. The dog is much happier and more secure having its life controlled by a human “pack leader”, and benefits by being prevented from causing trouble, rather than being punished. The dog crate is a rectangular enclosure with a top, a bottom, and a door made in a variety of sized proportioned to fit any type of dog. Some are constructed of wire, aluminum or molded plastic. Its purpose is to provide guaranteed confinement for reasons of security, safety, and housebreaking, protection of household articles, travel, illness or just general control. A good quality crate will last almost indefinitely. It is escape-proof, non-chewable, easy to clean and well ventilated. WHY USE A CRATE??? A dog crate, correctly and humanely used, can have many advantages for both you and your dog. WITH...
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