How to Keep Your Dog (And You!) Active this Winter

According to a Statistic Brain Research Institute poll, 45% of Americans made a New Years resolution, the number one most popular resolution being to lose weight. We know it’s difficult to lose weight during those cold winter months, where it seems more ideal to snuggle up in your pajamas and watch Netflix in bed. However, this behavior is helping neither you or your dog! Many dogs are also suffering from being overweight or obese. This winter, make it a point to keep your dog — and yourself — active. Here are a few tips and tricks. Agility Course. Has your pet already gone through agility training courses? If so, they should know the drill by now on how these obstacle-type courses work. Set one up in your basement or living room and lead your dog through the course a few times. You won’t even have to venture into the cold outdoors for this one! Purchase Outdoor Winter Gear. This is a great excuse to go shopping for both you and your dog. Buy some fashionable yet practical outdoor clothing for yourself and get your dog a little jacket. Make sure your pet’s clothing is reflective and always wear a light to make yourselves known to passing vehicles. Head out for a brisk morning or evening walk every day to get the blood moving. Treasure Hunt. Another indoor game that’s great to play with your dog. Temporarily place your dog in another room (such as the bathroom) while you hide his favorite chew toys or treats. Walk around the house with your pet as they try to sniff out the treasures. If you...
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