Our dog training facility is gearing up for the start of another successful Elementary 1 Dog Training program! This on-site dog training program that is set to start on July 18 at 7 PM is perfect for dog owners who are looking to expose their pups to the basics of dog training.

What to Expect in Elementary I Training

This class is taken in a group setting in order to encourage better social behavior in your dog. Puppies who are taking Elementary I will benefit from being in a group learning environment; they will have a chance to be exposed to other dogs and other people. Older dogs are also more than welcome to enroll in Elementary I. Canine College frequently addresses misbehaved older dogs in this introductory behavior course.

Further Training Courses Available

After the 5 week, on-leash, Elementary I course is completed, you and your dog will have the option to enroll in the next level course, Elementary II, which includes more advanced commands over a 5 week period. Other advanced classes are also available.

Having a well-behaved dog not only makes your life easier, but also makes your dog’s life much more enjoyable as they will now understand how to act in certain situations. Sign up today for July 18th’s Elementary I program!

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