We’re quickly approaching November, and that means holiday season! Did you know that 1 in 3 people either host or attend a holiday party each year? If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party at some point and have a mischievous orĀ misbehaving dog, we highly recommend private or group dog training.

Benefits of Group Dog Training

Group dog training is great for younger dogs so they can get acquainted and accustomed to being around both other dogs and humans. At holiday parties, there will constantly be people coming through the door and ringing the doorbell or knocking. There will be food everywhere (and sometimes in places that might be easy to reach for your dog) as well as little children. All of these stimuli can be overwhelming for your dog.

Group dog training is what will help get your dog used to constant stimuli that might make them hyper and misbehaving in a holiday party setting. Canine College provides dog owners with Elementary I and II training as well as Puppy Kindergarten. In these 5 week classes, your dog will learn simple but useful commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “heel” — all of the essential calls to keep your pup under control.

Benefits of Private Dog Training

The benefits of private dog training lessons are nearly unlimited. For those with a more aggressive dog, opting for a private training lesson will help them better cope with the training material. Our professional dog trainers at Canine College can also work at a pace that works with you and your dog. Homeowners that have older (but still misbehaved) dogs may also feel more at easy with private training. It can be overwhelming for old dogs to be training with puppies.

Did you know that Canine College provides in-home dog training? If you’re hosting a holiday party, it can be beneficial for our trainers to come to you instead. Have your dog learn basic obedience commands in a setting that’s familiar to them. The idea behind this is that your dog will know exactly what place in the house to go if you say a certain command. We can help you designate a spot for where your pup should be while your guests arrive so as not to overwhelm your dog.

Why start training now?

There’s no better time to get your dog prepared for the holiday season thanĀ now. Our training courses last for up to 5 weeks. The program is 5 weeks because we believe this length will ensure both owners and dogs will know all of the commands as well as to instill better behavioral habits in the dog.

Contact our dog training company in Holbrook today to sign up for classes!

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