If you’ve already finished purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends, then it’s time to start thinking about your furry friends. There’s nothing more entertaining than waking up on Christmas morning, unleashing the dog into the family or living room and having them sniff out their own present.

Spread a little joy to your four legged family member with these last minute gift ideas for your pet.

  1. Treats. Who doesn’t love a treat? As we’re eating delicious holiday food and goodies, why not give your dog or cat something to nibble on? There are plenty of local Boston area pet supply stores that provide a large array of treats, many of which are organic ingredient-based. It can be tempting to purchase colorful treats, but be sure to read the ingredient list first.
  2. Chew toys. Chew toys are great for dogs both old and young and there are so many shapes, sizes and textures to choose from. Grab a couple different ones to see which your dog likes best. For older dogs, it’s wise to purchase softer toys in order to protect their adult teeth. Raw hides are also an affordable chew toy that’s great for those who have teething puppies.
  3. Pet clothing. It’s supposed to be another harsh winter this year in New England. At Canine College, we highly recommend protecting your dog if you plan on taking them outside for more than a few minutes. There are coats, foot booties and even ear warmers. If you have a short-haired smaller dog, it’s especially important to keep them warm this season.
  4. A new look. Our greater Boston area pet grooming facility is in full swing right now helping pet owners like you give your dog a fresh cut and thorough bath. It’s important to upkeep your dog’s coat in order to prevent clotting and matting fur which can be irritating and painful for your dog. Scheduling a grooming appointment is easy and there are plenty of times available to choose from.
  5. Dog training classes. Give both your dog and your family the best gift of all this holiday season — dog training classes. At Canine College, we offer private dog training classes either at our Holbrook-based facility or we can head to you for in-home dog training. All dog breeds are welcome and the length of training is determined on an individual basis. Dog training is also a great opportunity to get your family involved in raising a pet!

Contact Canine College today for dog grooming or dog training classes today. We’re also open to receive booking dates if you’re heading out of town around New Years.

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