Don’t have a New Years resolution yet? Why not have a combined list of resolutions for you and your dog. Over half of all Americans make a resolution that’s exercise or health related, so why not have your dog hold you accountable to those goals?

Here are a few 2017 resolutions for you and your dog:

  • Stay active. It’s recommended that we exercise for at least 30-45 minutes three days a week. You can easily put some miles on your running or walking shoes this year by taking your dog out for a walk every day. Be sure to set a schedule for yourself. If you’re a morning person, set aside an extra 20 or 30 minutes to walk your dog in the morning. Better yet, get your whole family involved and take the dog out for a walk after dinner.
  • Making healthy meal choices. Saying “I’m going to lose weight” is a difficult goal to achieve. Instead, it’s better to tell yourself that you’ll make healthier meal choices this year. This should also include your dog! Many Americans are often told by their veterinarian that their pet is overweight. At Canine College, our professional dog trainers are also very knowledgeable about what food is best for your pet. Think organic-based dry food, or consider making a healthy meal for your pet yourself.
  • Learn a new skill. We’re sure you’ve always heard that it’s a good idea to have a hobby. Perhaps 2017 is the year you’ll pick up painting again, or woodworking or clock building. If you’re looking for a more interactive hobby that’s easy to learn and master, Canine College recommends breed handling or dog training classes. This is a great way to stay active while also picking up a new skill. Having a well-behaved dog that knows all the tricks in the book is a great feeling, and each command is a new skill for you to learn as well.

If you’re looking to start something truly rewarding this year, contact Canine College today to sign up for dog training classes!

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