When asked, most dog owners will say that training their dog is important to them. Having a well-behaved dog will not only earn you compliments from friends and family, but also improve the relationship you have with your dog. However, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to training. At Canine College, we understand that each dog has their own unique personality, which is why there are different training classes available for you and your pup.

When to Choose Private Dog Training.

Although it may be cheaper to opt for group dog training lessons at our Holbrook MA facility, private dog training should not be ruled out, especially if your dog is prone to the following behaviors:

  • Aggression. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, animals or humans, then it’s probably a good idea to hire a private dog trainer who can come to your home. Dogs are territorial, and having a training session in a place where they feel comfortable may be the best option.
  • Shyness. On the flip side, if your dog is shy and scared of strangers and being around other dogs, private dog training is a better option. Again, your dog will feel safe learning new tricks in your own home. You can also request your private, in-home dog trainer to help your pup become more accustomed to strangers and other animals by taking them for walks around the neighborhood or taking them to a local dog park.
  • Old Age. Although this is not a behavioral issue, sometimes older dogs have a harder time keeping up with learning new tricks at the pace puppies might. In this instance, it’s important to give your older dog individual, specialized attention with the help of in-home dog training. All dogs can learn new tricks, it’s just a matter of giving them time and a good learning environment!

Interested in what private dog training can do for you and your dog? Contact Canine College today to sign up for in-home dog training lessons!

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