While the summer season is a time when you are likely planning fun activities and outings for yourself and your family, there are some fun things you can try with your pup as well. This article will give you some ideas to try to see what your dog loves.

Pool (or Ocean) time

Many dogs love to swim – especially when it is hot. If your dog hasn’t done much swimming, introduce the concept slowly. You might even consider getting a life jacket for your dog to help them get more comfortable with swimming in the water.

Beach Day

If your dog loves to swim already, or just enjoys visiting new places, consider taking hm or her to the beach. Before you visit, make sure your beach allows dogs to visit. You’ll also want to make sure your pup is potty-trained because using the beach is frowned upon.

Dine Outside

Always feed your dog in the kitchen? Consider taking your dog outdoors. It is a nice, relaxing treat when you grill out and enjoy your food outdoors – let your dog have a similar experience. If your dog regularly eats outside anyway, or you’re looking for another idea, consider a picnic. It can be a fun activity for the whole family. Lastly, consider finding restaurants in your area that allow dogs on the patio. This can be a fun experience for your pup – and some of these restaurants even have a special dog menu.

Hit the Movies

Consider taking your pooch to a drive-in this summer. Your dog will love sitting back and getting pats while you watch the movie you want to see. Any activity that is fun for you will be one your dog also wants to be a part of.

Find Music in the Park

Many parks do summer music series. See if you can find one that also allows your dog to attend. Many dogs appreciate music, and this can be a fun atmosphere for a doggy play date. Your dog will also thrive from all of the attention he or she will get from all of the other music listeners as well.

Doggy Yoga

Check for fitness classes in your area that encourage your dog to tag along. Whether your dog participates with you or just sits on the sidelines and watches, it can be a great way to get your dog out of the house and a way to involve them in another aspect of your life.

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are great places to take dogs. The dogs receive a lot of attention, and may even be able to get a treat or two. It can be an excellent way for you to incorporate a healthy activity for both you and your dog.

Make Pupsicles

Summer means heat – and your dog will be relieved to have a cool treat. Puree some dog-safe fruit and freeze it into ice cubes. Not only will your dog be delighted by the treat, but it is also another way to get some fruits (or veggies) into your dog’s diet.

Contact Canine College for Dog Training

Hopefully, this list gave you at least 1 or 2 new ideas for things to try with your pup this summer. If your dog reacts negatively to a new experience, or his or her behavior is preventing you from trying out some of these activities, contact Canine College to help with dog training. We offer a variety of different dog training courses, including private sessions and group classes to teach necessary commands, skills, and behaviors. Learn more about our dog training classes in Holbrook MA here, and contact us to get started,

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