Many people believe that crates are cruel and that it is inhumane to leave a dog in a crate. However, when used properly, crates are not cruel and can become a great tool for pet owners. Positive crate training will provide many benefits for you and your dog, such as the following.

Creating a Safe Space

A crate can become a “den” for your dog. It will become his space for when he is feeling stressed, tired, or just needs downtime. If you have children, it is a good idea to teach them that when the dog is in his crate, he is out of bounds and needs to be left alone.

Potty Training

A properly-sized crate will help your puppy learn bladder and bowel control. Dogs and puppies do not like a soiled bed, so the crate will help your puppy learn this more quickly.

Household Safety

Letting your dog rest comfortably in his crate while you are not able to supervise is a huge plus. It will keep him safe, as well as you if you are moving around and having him underfoot could cause you to trip and fall. It also protects any objects that he may want to play with from getting destroyed while you are unable to watch him. Additionally, when you are away from home, your dog can relax comfortably in his crate where he cannot destroy or damage things in the home.

Easier Vet Visits

While many dogs learn to be uneasy at the vet pretty quickly, having a crate that your dog loves will make it easier to convince him to go along with you. If he does ever need to stay overnight at the vet’s for any reason, he will also be significantly less stressed about being confined in a cage there if he has already been crate trained at home. It will feel just like home to him!

When used correctly and appropriately, the crate will become your dog’s safe space. Think of your dog as a teenager – teenagers love to hole up in their own rooms, and you don’t mind if they happen to be in there while you are doing other things around the house. The key is to make your dog happy and comfortable while in his or her crate. If you are curious about how to start crate training, we can help! Canine College can help with dog training of all types, including crate training. Check out the dog training courses we offer at Canine College in Holbrook.

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