I thought this place was great. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We dropped our five-month old puppy there for a week for resident training. I’d never done something like this and was very pleased with the outcome. He wasn’t Wonder Dog when he came back, but he has the basics down and is much more eager to listen.

Steph M

We were looking for a dog training program that wasn’t too strict or too relaxed- somewhere in between. This place balances “positive training” with discipline and our trainer has a great understanding of animal behavior and psyche. She has an effect on dogs that demonstrates her knowledge. We started bringing our 7 month old cardigan welsh corgi to class only three weeks ago (out of five) and have seen major improvement. He used to tug on the leash and bark insanely at other dogs. In just these three weeks he has (almost) completely stopped. The program trains the dog but it also trains the owner. I have learned how to communicate with my dog by developing a number of basic, yet consistent and clear  commands that he now understands well. I hope to continue with training. They also offer agility training, boarding,  day care and more. Great place tucked in the back woods with great people!

Emily H

My dog he is 1 year old pit bull has been there for one week now – behavior training – he has sometimes very selective hearing ;(  In one week my baby can walk next to me without trying to take his collar off by walking backwards also he will stay for over 30 seconds which he has never done before. He is still a happy boy wagging his tail…. His behavior went from a naughty not listening boy to a well behaved young man. Bruce spend one hour with us showing what my baby has learnt and most of the commands are in German. ( I started it that way and Bruce helped him stay that way )  I am curious what else he will learn when I pick him up in one week. I compare it with boot camp for misbehaved teenagers…….so far so good my baby is on the right way to become a good role model for any pit bull. Will write another review after I pick him up. So far I am 100% satisfied 🙂

Archie W

This is a family business and i will never take my pets any where else.. they board cats & dogs (just no cheetahs!) and they have taught my dogs manners and respect. i ighly reccomend this place to all who are going AWAY or have a dog in need of training. also the workers are polite and the faculty is clean

Bella B

This place came highly recommended to me so I decided to try it.  I brought my dog to get shaved, washed, nails cut, teeth brushed.  They did such an awesome job with Artie.  He looked so handsome and smelled really good.  Artie even loved it there. Then I boarded him there for two days and they were so good to him.  Artie had a blast with the staff and other dogs.  I really like how well canine college accommodates Artie’s needs … Even if I call that day.  Artie hates leaving this place but i keep telling him that he will be back for his weekly baths. I give this place 5 stars and a thumbs up.

Sharon E

We took our Great Dane puppy here for obedience training. It was a 5 week group training program at night and I cannot express how grateful we are. We liked it so much that we continued on from Kindergarten to Elementary 1 and 2. I was amazed at how well he responded to us. He completed tasks like jumping over poles and staying at attention even when we left the room. He clearly respects us now and listens to us which allows for a much better relationship. I highly recommend the group training sessions.

Jessica P

What a Place and so close to Boston – What a great place. While walking around Casle Island (going for a drag) w my 1 yr old Labordoodle another dog walker appraoched and said you need to go to Canine College to learn good behavior and manners. Thank goodness I did, after a few weeks of group class training sessions my dog has learnt to walk on leash, sit, down, leave it and stay with distrations. This has come in so handy in the city with so many dogs and bad things for them to get their nose into. Now I walk with out getting pulled and my dog approaches other dogs in friendly manner that has made it all worth the drive to Holbrook. Have use them a few times for daycare and an overnight and my dog loves interaction at day care and the fresh air. Thanks Canine College

Sue P

Canine College is absolutely the BEST!

My 4year old dog initially attended the 2 week resident training program as a crash course refresher. The improvements made in this 2week period were amazing. In addition the wonderful trainers helped teach me how to be more effective with my dog on a day to day basis. After seeing what a difference this program made i decided to continue her training at Canine College, and now go back every couple weeks. I am beyond impressed with Canine College and the variety of training packages and services they offer.

I highly recommend educating your dog and yourself here.

Nicole S

I love Canine College.  Both of my dogs have stayed here numerous times.  Amanda, who usually works with them, take very good care of them.  We also used their training classes which were great.  It is a family run business that shows.

Anthony C

This place was great when we went there for dog training. They worked with many different types of dogs from aggressive to the meak and mild and did well with all. you can do private lessons, drop your dogs off or do group classes. They even do some specialty training. They board the dogs too but mainly ONLY have outdoor spots to board them so I would NOT recommend them for that.

Heather B

Canine college is awesome. The doggy day care is the BEST!!

John E

I have been bringing my 13 week old puppy to Canine College for puppy daycare for the past week and a half and they have been Phenomenal! I work crazy hours and they have gone over and beyond to work with me. My puppy has spent a lot of time with Amanda and she just adores her. It makes me feel good to see how excited the pup gets when she sees Amanda in the morning. I was so nervous at first leaving her there but after the first two days, I saw how comfortable she was and it put me at ease. As a new pet owner, they were ok with me calling and checking in and they have taken extra care of the little one when she got a bit of an upset stomach. It makes me feel good, when I pick her up at night and she is either playing with the people in the office or sleeping in someone??s lap. I would recommend Canine College to those who need puppy daycare, or boarding. I will be back !

Bianca B

Amazing facility and staff! The only place I trust for caring for my dog!

Lynn R

I love canine college and so does my dog Mr Snoop dog !! Amanda, Mary , Julia , Robin , and Karen are awesome. They all have there own special technique with the dogs it’s great. Snoop is my first dog I have ever had and they always give good tips and advice on questions I may have. The grooming is awesome whatever soap they use makes your whole house smell good for like a month it’s crazy good. They are just great people and snoop loves them. !!!!!

Audra B

We love canine college!!! We’ve been taking our dog there for the past 2 years for training, grooming, day care and bording. He absolutely loves going. If you even mention the words Canine College, he jumps up and wags his tail. Amanda is great and really cares about the dogs. Erika does an outstanding job with grooming (especially our long-haired dog!). Robin and Lyn are excellent trainers. They really understand how to control and motivate dogs of different breeds and ages.

Jill H

I foster rescued dogs for Last Hope K9 Rescue out of Boston, MA. I am fostering a dog aggressive/fearful Cane Corso Mastiff/American Bully mix (85 lbs). Bruce, the owner, gave me some amazing basics to handle him while leash walking him around other dogs, and Amanda helped me fine tune my handling skills while around other dogs – in just two private lessons. My dog was playing with a few of their resident dogs at the end of the 2nd session – something I would have never imagined possible. EVER. If you are working with a difficult dog, take them here. They help train you to train your dog in a caring and positive way. Plus, they always have farm fresh eggs, chickens, turkeys, hens, ducks and goats for sale. Really cool place with very helpful staff. I highly recommend Canine College for training.

Caroline D

Highly recommend these wonderful trainers. They are very professional, friendly & polite.The kennels and grounds are kept extremely clean. Your pets are given the best care and attention. I took my puppy there for the 2 week course. He was totally out of control eating everything, biting to the point I needed stitches several times, growling ,pulling me & knocking me over & much more. After they trained him for the 2 weeks it is like I have a new puppy 🙂 He is a totally new dog and behaves. The trainers at Canine College are amazing!!! I can not thank them enough for all they have done for myself & Chamus. Thank you so very much Bruce & Amanda 🙂


Great place for training and day care the place has so much land for my dogs to run and play. I have put two dogs through the resident training program one over ten years ago and my golden still remembers everything plus a few new tricks. My choclate lab just finnished a one month resident training program last Summer and the dog is the best trained dog every where we go always comes when called never jumps and is just well behaved. When she needs to unwind because work keeps me busy I bring to her day care so she comes home nice and quiet. Thanks for your help


Bruce helped me understand how to deal with my obsessive Boston Terrier. I love this place and drive from Scituate to kennel him. The training classes have been super helpful. Bruce knows his stuff.

Vicky C

We love the Canine College organization and their trainers. We have a 3 year old rottweiler who has gone for group training classes at varying levels and the trainer has done a beautiful job with him and (and us!) The classes have all included a variety of breeds and varying ages and she understands and develops all of them with true skill and professionalism. We now have a second pup and she is going to school as well! The training has made an incredible difference in our dogs’ behavior and our own ability to understand and guide them.

But there’s more! They also hosted Temperament Training and Good Citizenship certification, which has helped us to demonstrate our dog’s good behavior to our insurance company…an added bonus!

Thank you Canine College!

Erin D

We sent our 10 week old lab to their resident training for obedience training for two weeks. We were totally amazed with how well behaved he was after only two weeks of training there. The staff was truly caring and understanding of our needs and the needs of our puppy. They are true animal lovers that have an amazing ability to teach dogs to behave well. We couldn’t speak more highly of their resident training program and how much happier and well behaved our dog is now. For anyone frustrated with the behavior of their dog…this is the best thing going (especially if they are still young).

Rob W

We recently brought our dog there for a 2-week residence training and were impressed with the facility. The staff is wonderful, very pleasant to deal with, and they don’t have the preconceived notions of different dog breeds (ie. pit bulls, etc). To them, it’s just a dog; they don’t think, “Well, it ‘s a vicious breed so therefore the dog must be vicious.”
They’ve recently built a brand new indoor, climate controlled kennel which is kept spotless, and they’re building a new grooming “salon.”
My dog did wonderfully there and we won’t hesitate to bring him back for future training.

Jennifer C

And when you say Bow WOW, you ain’t lying!

Noreen H

Our beagle Gino stayed there for a week while we were on vacation. Excellent! Clean, big, lots of toys for the dogs to play on.

Elisete R

Ok so Brutus goes to daycare here and absolutely LOVES it. The staff is incredible. They take time to pair the dogs up properly and seem to know them by the end of the first day. My dog can’t wait to get there. He brings me his collar and heads right for the car. Five stars in my book. I wish I could give them 6.

Sabrina G

Bruce does a amazing job at teaching us owners about how to better control your dogs and what to do. Awesome place!!!!

Laura S

I am beside myself! What a great staff! My husband, son and I went for our first lesson after one week of Jack’s lessons. He was a handful, full of energy! I now have a brand new 7 month old Yellow Lab! Thank you all so much. We will see you tomorrow.

Traci R

Robin and Bruce are the best! They really helped our dog Maddie gain confidence and us as owners learn better technique. Highly recommended!

Lizzie B

I will always have a special place in my heart for the owners, staff, and this wonderful facility. Experts in the field and top notch trainers! Xo I will Only use Canine College for training and boarding.

Amanda M

I absolutely love the staff and the facility, I feel my dog “Pepper” is in the best hands and I have no worries when I’m away.

Eneida R

Great place and people that know what they are doing for any dog. I enjoy spending time there.

Brady H

Bought my not so little man from Bruce. Staff is fantastic. (Amanda and Mary). Great place to take your dog to blow off some steam or board. Either way,highly recommended.

Steven L

Just want to take a minute and thank Bruce and his staff for all the wonderful work they did with our 4 year old Ridgeback/Mastiff mix, Mac. He spent 4 weeks at Canine College in training. What an incredible transformation in him. Thank you for all of the hard work and care you gave to him over the 4 weeks. I wish we had brought him to you years ago!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Karen C

Took an obedience training class and my dog has never been so well behaved! Highly recommend, very knowledgeable trainers/teachers/staff and they were sooo much better than the pet store class I had taken before.

Sarah F

Had an appointment to have my dog evaluated for training today. The trainer, Bruce told us the opposite of what every other so called trainer told. They said my dog was dog aggressive. Turns out he is only leash aggressive. He was playing with a puppy within 10 mins. I think my dog will do very good here.

Kevin O'C

I recommend Canine College very highly! When my private broader could no longer take care of my two huskies, a friend recommended here. Very reluctantly, I brought my two babies. The greeting and atmosphere I recieve do and felt was one of warmth, caring and knowledge. I had tried other places but Canine College understood the breed of dog I have. Thank you for taking such excellent care of my fur babies!

Linda L

Love this place so much. They were and are a huge resource for me as a ” new first time” dog owner! Amanda and Bruce provided much needed energy burning day care, and information on raising a happy healthy well behaved dog.
The daycare is very well supervised. My dog gets so excited to go, and comes home exhausted. I hope they never close.

Susan M

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