Canine College offers the Canine Good Citizen Testing right in Holbrook, MA! The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is a program that was established in 1989 by the American Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership. During testing, the dog and a handler must partake in a 10-step test over half an hour. After passing the test, your dog then earns a CGC certificate which states that they are a reliable family member along with a trusted Canine Citizen in your community. Does your dog have what it takes to be considered a Canine Good Citizen?

The Canine Good Citizen test includes:

Test 1: Greeting a friendly stranger

– This demonstrates that a dog will allow a stranger to approach the handler in a natural way and not become ill-mannered.

Test 2: Politely sitting while being pet

– This demonstrates that a dog will politely allow a stranger to pet them without its handler.

Test 3: Allows basic grooming

– This test demonstrates that a dog will allow anyone(usually a vet or friend) to groom or examine the dog without any major problems

Test 4: Walks on a loose leash as directed

-This demonstrates that a dog is under control when going out for a walk

Test 5: Politely moves through a crowd

– This test demonstrates that a dog can handle being in public places with reasonable pedestrian traffic.

Test 6: Respond to “sit”, “down” and “stay in place “commands

– This is a basic test that demonstrates a dog is trained and properly responds to a handlers command to sit, lay down, and remain in place.

Test 7: Coming when called

– This is another simple test which just demonstrates that a dog comes when called by the handler.

Test 8: Positive reaction around other dogs

– This test is important as it demonstrates a dog behaves well around other dogs.

Test 9: Appropriate reactions to distractions

–  Distractions are common, this test demonstrates a dog is confident and at ease when faced with one.

Test 10: Good manners when left with a trusted person

– Most likely you will need to leave your dog with a trusted person at times. This test demonstrates a dog still remains in good behavior when left with another person.

Tests must be performed on a leash. Unfortunately handlers may not use any treats or toys to get a dog to do something during the test.  All items must be completed to the desired level or the team fails.

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