Taunton, MA

Dog Boarding and Training in Taunton, MA

Nestled north of Holbrook, Taunton, Massachusetts, thrives with a vibrant population of approximately 59,000 pet enthusiasts. Merely a brief 10-minute drive away, a prominent dog training and pet boarding facility has taken root, offering a haven for Taunton’s furry companions. Esteemed for its prime locale and exceptional care, this establishment has garnered a strong reputation. It is a comprehensive hub, catering to all of Taunton’s pet care needs, encompassing complete training regimens, expert grooming, and a secure boarding sanctuary.

Our Dog Training Services for Taunton Residents

Within this facility, a comprehensive dog training curriculum awaits, tailored to suit every breed, age, and behavioral disposition. Diverse program options cater to various needs, spanning from fundamental courses like Puppy Kindergarten and Elementary I and II to more advanced pursuits including Trick Dog Training and Resident Training. Our seasoned trainers offer personalized one-on-one assessments for those seeking guidance amidst this array, ensuring a tailored training path. These bespoke sessions, available in-home or on-site, prove ideal for senior dogs or those with unique social dynamics. Rest assured, your furry companion’s growth and behavior transformation find a perfect match here.

Our Dog Boarding Services for Taunton Residents

Embracing a holistic approach to pet care, our establishment extends beyond training to offer exceptional dog boarding services that ensure your furry friend’s comfort and well-being. Tailored to accommodate a variety of needs, from short stays to extended vacations, our boarding facility provides a secure and inviting environment for your pet’s stay. With expert caregivers overseeing their stay, you can trust that your dog will receive attentive care, exercise, and socialization. Our range of amenities, including cozy accommodations and supervised play areas, guarantees a memorable and enjoyable boarding experience. Whether your dog is an active adventurer or a laid-back lounger, our dedicated team ensures their time away from home is both delightful and enriching.

Why Choose Canine College for Pet Boarding & Training

Renowned throughout the South Shore and Greater Boston region, our devoted team is recognized for delivering evident and effective outcomes in dog training and behavioral enhancement. Our comprehensive training programs typically span five weeks, with advanced courses available upon completion. As for our pet boarding amenities, rest assured that they offer pristine cleanliness and exceptional comfort, ensuring your pet’s snug sleep and access to fresh water. Our knowledgeable boarding staff is proficient in administering necessary medications during your pet’s stay. Situated on a pristine 50-acre Holbrook facility, you can rest assured that your cherished companion will receive optimal care. Whether you’re seeking dog grooming, training, or boarding, reach out today at 781-767-3908 or secure a reservation for your pet at our kennel!

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