Trusting in another individual to care for your dog while you’re away can be daunting, especially if it something like commercial dog kennels but as long as you find a reputable dog boarding facility — such as Canine College’s — you can rest assured knowing that your pup is in good hands while you’re gone.

After you’ve scheduled a time for your dog to stay at our professional dog boarding facility in Holbrook MA, here are a few tips to keep in mind in order for both you and your dog to be prepared for staying with us.

Canine College’s Dog Boarding Tips & Reminders

  • Vaccinate Your Dog. Make sure that prior to dropping your dog off that he or she has been updated on all required canine vaccinations, such as rabies and distemper. These are mandatory to have for any dog boarding facility in order to protect both your dog, other dogs in kennels, and our staff. Contact your local vet to double check that your dog is all up to date. Make sure all vaccines are administered at least two weeks before dropping them off at the kennel.
  • Fill Out All Required Forms. We do things the professional way here at our dog kennel in Holbrook, which means a bit of paperwork on your end before boarding your dog. We ask that you complete all given paperwork once you arrive. Or feel free to stop in and pick up paperwork a few days prior to dropping your dog off so that you can fill out the forms completely. Don’t forget to include your contact information as well as your local vet’s contact information.
  • Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Toys. If your dog is the type to get anxious at the kennel, we recommend bringing their favorite toy or a familiar object such as a blanket in order to keep them more comfortable during their stay here at Canine College. Our dog kennel gladly accepts owners bringing in their dog’s favorite items to keep in their kennel because we believe in a happy, relaxing stay for your pup.
  • Stick To Their Normal Diet. If your dog has a specific diet or type of food they are supposed to eat, then please make our boarding staff aware (also write it down in the paperwork). We always strive to accommodate specific diets, so feel free to bring in enough food for their entire stay and clearly write out how much and how often the food should be administered.
  • During Drop-Off, Stay Relaxed. This isn’t just to help you feel more calm, it’s also to help your dog relax too! When dropping off your pup at our kennel, make sure you stay relaxed so as not to overexcite your dog. Being upbeat and happy while at the kennel will give your dog a sense of ease. As always, our trained staff are here to make them feel as comfortable as possible while you’re away. We’re here to provide daily walks, training sessions, play time and grooming services.

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