Dog training is a great way for your dog to be the best it can be. However there are a few myths out there that some pet owners believe in. With an estimated 70-80 million dog owners in the United States, we’d like to address some of the myths surrounding dog training and obedience.

MYTH: When my dog can’t learn a behavior, that means they are incompetent, dominant or stubborn.

FACT: Pets, just like us, have different ways of learning. Some humans learn visually or via a hands-on approach. It may take a different type of learning for your dog to understand a command — you just need to be patient and know when to abandon the current obedience approach and switch to a new one. One way to ensure your dog gets the proper training for it’s personality is to opt for in-home dog training lessons.

MYTH: Puppies need to be at least six months old for puppy training classes.

FACT: This is not so! At Canine College, Bow Wow Resort, our professional dog trainers will work with all ages of dogs. Today’s professional dog training methods include positive reinforcement; this type of training can start almost as soon as you take your new puppy home. Instilling good behavior habits early will ensure a great long-lasting relationship with your pet.

MYTH: Positive reinforcement style training only works with smaller, more tame dogs — not dogs who are naturally aggressive or stubborn.

FACT: Although it may require more patience and time to train an aggressive or stubborn dog, positive reinforcement has been proven to be a great method for professional dog trainers and pet owners alike. As research continues to uncover the benefits of this style of dog training, the more we are convinced that this method is not only successful, but also more humane than negative reinforcement/punishment.

If you believe that your dog is struggling to learn certain behaviors, contact a professional dog trainer. Trainers work with all different breeds and all ages of dogs and will be able to pinpoint the issue.

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