The holiday season is when most families decide to adopt a dog. Before your impulses get the better of you, take into account these major factors and ask yourself and your family these tough questions.

Determining if You Should Adopt a Dog

  • Can your schedule handle it? What is your work life like? Are your kids at school all day? Are you always traveling or going out on weekends? It’s time to make some sacrifices and set aside a good portion of your time to a new dog, especially if it’s an untrained puppy. Luckily there are dog daycares in the Boston area — such as Canine College — who can watch over your dog during the day.
  • Consider the dog’s energy level. Almost all puppies will be a ball of energy their first 12-18 months of age. Although puppy kindergarten and elementary dog training are a great choice for puppies to help keep their actions under control, don’t forget that if your energy level can’t handle a hyperactive breed, then it’s best to shop around a bit more.
  • Foster first. At Canine College, we recommend fostering a dog first so that you can “get your feet wet” to the idea of owning a dog later. Fostering is a great way to help dogs assimilate into society and helping them adapt to humans and other pets. The fostering process is not permanent, and in the end you will have helped a dog find it’s forever home!
  • Consider a senior dog. When it comes to adopting an older dog, some people may think that it isn’t worth the investment. There are perks, however. Senior dogs are more mellow and therefore perfect for those with older kids or for couples. They may require more health care in the near future, but with the right diet, exercise, CBD Dog Treats and love, senior dogs have plenty of joy to give.
  • Is your neighborhood dog-friendly? Consider where you live before adopting a dog. If your goal is to adopt a high-energy breed but you don’t have a yard or a lot of interior space, this could pose as an issue. Homeowners with properties on busy streets should take extra precautions to avoid accidents; basic dog training from Canine College can prevent your dog from running into traffic or getting lost around the neighborhood.

Lastly, don’t forget to sit down with your family or significant other and hash out what some goals and expectations would be when you introduce your new furry friend into the home. If you’re looking for further advice or would like to ensure that your dog is trained properly, contact Canine College today!

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