Regularly booking a dog grooming appointment for your pup not only makes them look and smell great, but it’s also beneficial to their health. If you’re looking for some advice or tips on looking for a look fog grooming salon, then check out Stop That Dog. During this time of year you may be looking to let your dog’s coat grow out a bit more, but keep in mind that if you do this, it’s going to take more maintenance, so it’s recommended that you book a professional dog grooming appointment once every month or two.

Dog grooming is worth the investment for your pup because our professional groomers at Canine College are thorough and can even detect if there may be health problems with your pup. Here are some benefits of professional dog grooming.

  1. The thorough grooming process promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat for your dog. No more matted down fur. Our groomers will find the hidden dirt, leaves and even ticks and safely remove them.
  2. Nail cutting on a regular basis is something that’s best left done to a professional because we know how much of the nail to take off and how often to trim them back. Cutting your dog’s nails will benefit your dog’s posture and reduce infection in their toes.
  3. The one noticeable benefit of taking your dog for a professional grooming session at our Holbrook grooming facility is that your dog will be looking fantastic and smelling wonderful! We have a wide variety of scents and the majority of our products are natural.
  4. Routine grooming sessions have been known to reveal health concerns in dogs before they become major issues. Our groomers can often detect ear, skin and teeth issues before the owner does.
  5. More grooming means less shedding! There’s nothing worse than having a dog that sheds all over the place and causes indoor allergens. Getting your dog to the groomers is one of the best ways to reduce unwanted shedding in your home. Our groomers will remove any loose hair and dander during the cleaning process.

If it’s been awhile since your pet went to the groomers, contact Canine College today to schedule an appointment. Our grooming rates start at just $35 and the results are well worth the visit to our Holbrook training and boarding facility.

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