Taking care of a dog is, in some ways, like caring for a child. Pooches must, for instance, be played with, bathed, fed, and groomed in order to live their best possible lives. Trimming a dog’s nails successfully, however, can be a major challenge. Many dogs don’t enjoy even being in the vicinity of nail clippers, so their owners struggle to keep their paws well-groomed.

Here, you’ll discover some helpful tips that may make your next experience trimming your dog’s nails better than ever before. Remember, it may take some time before your furry friend willingly gets his or her nails done, but the goal is progress, not perfection. 

Tips For Getting Your Dog Comfortable 

Over the course of one week, you can prepare your dog to have his or her nails trimmed. Take it day by day and follow the tips below for the best results. Do keep in mind, though, that all dogs are different, so your pet may need less time or more time to feel fully comfortable with nail clippers. 

Day 1 – Let your dog sniff the nail clippers and become familiar with them. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. 

Day 2 – Touch the nail clippers lightly to each of your dog’s paws. Repeat if your dog seems comfortable. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. 

Day 3 – Again, touch the nail clippers lightly to each of your dog’s paws. This time, however, actually squeeze the clipper closed – though not on your dog’s nails – so he or she can hear the noise they make. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. 

Day 4 – Repeat the steps from Day 3. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. 

Day 5 – Attempt to actually cut one of your dog’s nails. Only cut a tiny bit of a single nail even if he or she does not complain. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. Repeat this step for as many days as it takes for your pet to seem fully comfortable.

Day 6 – After your dog is fully comfortable with having a single nail trimmed, try to trim two. Give a treat and offer verbal praise. 

Day 7 and on – Continue the pattern, adding an additional nail every time your dog seems ready. Some pets actually complete these steps in a literal week, while others may need more time. You know your pet best, so make sure you move at his or her pace!

Keeping the Right Conditions

If your dog’s nails are not kept in good condition, he or she could become uncomfortable and even get infections over time. Furthermore, he or she might accidentally destroy furnishings or flooring in your home. If you need Canine College’s professional help with trimming your dog’s nails, contact us at your earliest convenience. To get started, give us a call today at 781-767-3908. We look forward to working with you.

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