We all want to spend as much time with our favorite pets as possible; however, there are some instances where you might need to search for alternatives to watch over your dog while you are gone. It used to be standard practice to board your dog in a kennel, but this can be a cold and impersonal solution that won’t lessen a dog’s uneasiness. But the most important question is, “Does your dog appreciate overnight boarding?” This post will discuss how various dogs adjust to or respond to overnight dog boarding.

Does My Dog Enjoy Overnight Dog Boarding?

Just like people, dogs are not all created equal. When you are going to be gone for a few nights, dog boarding is a terrific option for independent dogs who enjoy interaction with people and a lot of stimuli. Dog daycare is a much better option for dogs who are less friendly or likely to become stressed out by being apart for an extended period. Daycare facilities ensure that your dog is adequately taken care of and their individual needs are met during the day. Ultimately, you will need to decide which approach works best based on your dog’s temperament and emotional history.

What to Look Out for When Boarding Your Dog?

Finding an environment suitable for you and your dog is crucial when looking for a place to board your dog, as professional dog sitters will board your dog at an agreed location in addition to boarding kennels. The following are some signs to watch out for when boarding your dog:

Level of Attention

Do staff members give your dogs more individualized care? If your pet needs constant attention, specialized care, or drugs that require closer monitoring, please be sure to let us know so that we can best accommodate for your dog.

Events and Activities

Do they have plenty of time to play and exercise in play yards with specialized design? Ensure your chosen boarding has everything necessary to provide your pet with enjoyable activities like playing outside with a caregiver.


If your pet has a persistent medical condition, ensure the boarding facility has all the personnel and tools required to handle emergencies. Your dog will be treated as if it were our own!

Hours of Operation and Closing

A good boarding facility should allow you to call at any moment to check on your furry friends and receive updates. We are here to help you feel more at ease for boarding your canine.

How Canine College Can Assist

At Canine College, we provide overnight dog boarding to make sure your dog can have a vacation all to themselves. In addition to their own beds, our dog boarding buildings are heated and air conditioned to provide maximum comfort for your fur babies. Your pets’ safety is also assured as we monitor their every step. For more information, please call us at 781-767-3908.

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