Here are several tips to keep in mind when bringing your dog along on your adventure.

Always Use a Leash 

Keeping your dog on a leash not only ensures their safety, but ensures the safety of others. You never know when your dog may take off at the site of something or someone, so be prepared to keep your dog on a leash. This is especially crucial during a hike, as unfamiliar scents may trigger your dog to chase what they’re smelling. 

Keep Your Dog’s Needs in Mind

Just as you would pack water and snacks for yourself, be sure to do the same for your dog. You want your dog to be energized, hydrated, and prepared to take on whatever challenges they face. There are convenient items you can pack with you for your hike, such as collapsable water and food dishes for your dog. 

Not Every Hiker Will Like Your Dog 

Even if your dog is the kindest, most caring dog in the world, not every person shares the same love for dogs. That being said, you want to make sure that your dog remains close to you when approaching a stranger. You do not want a fellow hiker to feel scared or threatened. Similar to a human, other dogs along the hiking trail may not be fond of your dog either. Keep your eyes open and attentive to your surroundings. 

Take Your Dog’s Waste With You 

Just as you would not let your dog’s waste remain on someone’s yard, lawn, or plants, ensure the same practices for the trail you’re hiking on. Whether you carry small plastic bags, or have a leash with built-in disposable bags, make sure that waste makes it out of the hiking trail along with you.

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