If your dog is growling and snapping, has a rigid body and quickly wagging tail, or raised fur, these are signs that it may become aggressive. Continue reading to prevent aggression in your dogs and get the right kind of help based on the type of aggression you’re dealing with. 

Preventing Aggression on Your Own

To begin prevention on your own, start taking note of each time your dog becomes aggressive. Write down the details such as their mood, the surrounding environment, and additional circumstances affecting it. Finding the root of the aggression will allow professionals to work with your dog based on what it will benefit most from. After highlighting these details, be sure that the next step you take is guided by a professional.

Asking Your Veterinarian

If your dog was previously never aggressive and has developed strange aggressive behaviors, this may be an underlying medical issue. Some of the most common health problems that may cause aggression include hypothyroidism, injuries, or neurological problems. If you believe your dog may be vulnerable to one of these conditions, speak to your veterinarian about your dog’s behavior.

Assistance From Canine College’s Experts

A behavioral specialist or trainer can work with you to determine the ideal approach for managing your dog’s aggression. One of our most successful methods at Canine College is positive reinforcement. This teaches your dog new behaviors. For example, your dog may show aggression towards new people. When this is the case, we begin by standing far away from the stranger. Then as the distance decreases between the dog and stranger, we reward them with a treat if their behavior is positive. This type of praise allows your dog to understand that strangers are the equivalent of earning treats. This exact procedure can successfully get your dog accustomed to a variety of other situations.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for additional resources to drive the aggressive behavior out of your dog, allow the professionals here at Canine College to assist. Not only will we be able to provide insight, but we can physically work with your dog to achieve ideal behavior. To contact us, call 781-767-3908 today for more information on how you can get started.

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