It may make sense for us to be shedding clothing, lathering up on the sunscreen, and jumping into a pool when the weather heats up. So if we’re wearing less clothing materials during the summer months, then we should probably shave our dogs so they can “feel the breeze” too, right?

Unfortunately our pet’s fur doesn’t function the same way as our clothing does.

How Your Dog’s Coat Helps in the Heat

Long-haired dogs with thick, fluffy coats may seem disadvantaged in the heat, but what their fur coat really does in the summer months is help regulate their body temperature. The layers of fur help prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating too far down to the skin, which can result in serious sunburns and overheating.

So, What Can You Do to Help?

We understand that some breeds have excessively thick fur due to selective breeding. At Canine College, Bow Wow Resort, we recommend a summer trim. The trim will cut back hair that hangs too far from the body. Trimming this part will not only improve comfort for your dog, but also prevent sticks, burrs and ticks from sticking to your dog’s coat.

We highly recommend heading to a professional dog groomer than picking up the sheers yourself, as many pet owners will over-cut their dog’s fur, which can lead to skin problems.

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