Tick bites and tick-borne diseases are prevalent in dogs. Vaccines can prevent tick-borne illnesses, but they won’t keep your dogs from bringing ticks into your home. Your dog should be treated with a tick preventive product for these reasons. Dogs may have difficulty detecting tick bites. It may take your dog 7-21 days or longer to show signs of tick-borne disease after a tick bite, so keep an eye out for changes in his behavior or appetite if you suspect a tick has bitten him. Continue reading for more information on keeping your dog tick-free.

Check Your Dog for Ticks Regularly 

By catching tick infestations early, you can stop them in their tracks. You should periodically check your dog’s neck, head, ears, feet, and toes for ticks if he roams through tall grass or heavy brush. The bite of a tick can be hard to detect after it leaves your dog. You probably won’t know your dog has been bitten unless you see the tick, as these bites often don’t itch. If you check your dog for ticks once or multiple times a day in high-risk areas, you will likely find a tick while it is still attached. When having your dog groomed, you should also be sure to check with the groomer if they happened to spot any ticks.

Find Spots Where Ticks Most Frequently Hide

Ticks are prevalent everywhere wildlife lives, including wooded areas, trails, parks, gardens, dog parks, kennels, and daycares. Make sure your dog stays out of areas heavily infested with ticks, and limit their exploration in those areas. 

Treat Your Yard for Ticks & Other Bugs

You may find ticks in your yard if you look for places where they are hiding. You can eliminate tick hotspots by mowing, weeding, or trimming overgrown bushes and grass patches. To prevent your pets from getting ticks on them, spray your yard with outdoor tick spray. 

Discovering More About Tick Prevention at Canine College

Prevention is the most effective step in the fight against ticks. Whether a collar, spray, spot treatment, shampoo, or another product works best for you, it’s crucial to keep up with good habits. As your dog may attend one of the many services we provide here at Canine College, we will be sure to notify you if your dog happens to have a tick on them. Our experts are trained to identify things such as this when they arise. For more information, please call us today at 781-767-3908.

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