Dog obedience and successful human-canine relationships are dependent on communicating with your dog. When training your dog, you should focus on this bond. If you want to learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, consider hiring a professional dog trainer with years of experience. To live with a happy dog, you must be patient with canine communication.

One-Time Training Command

Both you and your dog may find it challenging to learn how to give your dog commands. During training sessions, people often repeat commands out of frustration, which is not ideal. When training your dog, please give them an order once so they understand what you want them to do after one verbal command. You can accidentally reinforce that your dog doesn’t have to listen the first time (the second or the third time) by repeating the words during training sessions. A recall command, for example, “come,” is generally intended to prevent your dog from injuring itself or getting hit by a car. Always use a high-pitched voice when life or death is at stake to communicate verbal commands clearly. 

Choose a Release Word

Exercise and playtime should be ended when your dog understands. A release word is used when your dog is allowed to be free after you ask them to hold a behavior. The following are examples of release words: 

  • Done
  • All Set
  • Free
  • Release
  • Break

When choosing your release word, choose something you can easily say. Especially in a crisis, communicating with your dog with a long or complex phrase is not a good idea.

Communicate Verbally & Visually

Combine verbal cues with body signals when communicating with your dog. Due to how they communicate with other dogs in packs and in social situations, dogs are experts at reading and noticing body language. When training puppies to sit, the open hand signal works well. Whenever you say “sit,” open your hand, and your dog will learn what you mean. Your dog will eventually sit just by opening your hand. 

Contact Canine College for More Tips & Tricks

For more tips and tricks on properly communicating with your dog, please speak with one of our experts at Canine College today. Our trained professionals know and understand how to communicate adequately with canines. We will provide significant achievements throughout our training sessions regardless of your dog’s age. Give us a call at 781-767-3908 to get started.

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