Your dog seems irritated, and you’re confused. He’s been fed, walked, played with, and was even offered a sleeping spot on the bed (even though you both know he shouldn’t be up there). It’s freezing outside, but even when he’s indoors with the heat blasting, you can still tell he’s unhappy. So what exactly is wrong?

Well, the immediate weather indoors or outdoors probably isn’t the main upset to your canine – it’s what’s happening to his body. There are a number of longstanding myths surrounding pup treatment in the winter, the worst being the immediate protection provided by their fur, or how unaffected they are by indoor heating systems. Let’s debunk these.

How Your Dog’s Coat is Affected by Winter Weather

Whether your dog has a thick or thin, long or short coat of hair, they are affected by the weather outside. With rain, sleet, snow, or any sort of dampness, the moisture has the tendency to come into direct contact with your dog’s actual skin, as the fur mainly provides warmth – it isn’t exactly a water-shield. This dampness coupled with the intense heat that your dog feels when you return inside from the wet cold is a breeding ground for bacteria, providing the perfect conditions for it to grow and spread if regular grooming doesn’t occur. This has the potential to make your dog itchy and irritable, which could explain his behavior.

As if the dampness wasn’t already bad enough, it also creates danger when moist fur sticks together in clumps, which makes it difficult to spot out any lumps, spots, or rashes that are irregular and pose health concerns to your pup.

Why Opt for Winter Dog Grooming

It is more important to groom your dog in the winter than it is to groom them in any other season, as they require special attention due to the harsh outdoor weather conditions.

So, where exactly can you go to provide them with this special attention?

Canine College is a Massachusetts company that specializes in dog grooming and general dog care. Their products are natural, with clipping, trimming, nail-cutting, and more, offered as part of grooming packages. Feel free to call 781-767-3908 today or set up a grooming appointment online!

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