Trimming your dog’s nails can be very stressful for you and your dog. However, there are solutions to desensitize your dog to the nail clipper or Dremel. Trimming your dog’s nails should be crucial to your grooming routine. Keeping the frequency of trimming nails will keep your dog healthy and comfortable. Regular trimming of the nails will also prevent toe spreading and keep your dog’s paws from becoming deformed. 

Calming Your Dog Before

Before you begin to trim your dog’s nails, it is essential to get them to be calm. Using a soothing voice and gently touching each paw shows your dog that you are not looking to harm them. After squeezing each paw, you can move to touch the toes and their nails; giving each one a soft squeeze will normalize this feeling for them. Remember that if your dog becomes scared or pulls its paw away, it is best to stop and continue when they have settled down. 

Clipping The Nails

When clipping the nails on your dog’s paw, you always want only to clip the tip of the nail straight across. The dewclaw is located on the inner side of the paw, and it is also essential to clip that. Whether using clippers or a Dremel, you never want to clip past the curve of the nail. If you clip past the curve, you risk hitting the quick, which would be extremely painful for your dog as the quick is the pink area that contains blood vessels.

Consider Your Tools

When clipping your dogs’ nails, there are two main tools to choose between clippers or a Dremel. Some dogs may have had a traumatizing experience with one and now prefer the other. Most people find that the Dremel is safer due to having more control and less chance of cutting the quick. The Dremel also works effectively for dogs with thicker nails. Regular nail clippers are still a good alternative because they are portable and do not require batteries or replacement bands. Overall, you have the best judgment for your dog and know their limits. If they are reactive to both tools, getting help from your vet or going to a groomer may be best.

Grooming Services

Canine College, located in Holbrook, offers grooming services to keep your dogs skin and coat happy and healthy. Our dog grooming services include nail trimming and ear cleaning with our baths. We understand your pet’s importance and want to introduce them to a safe environment with our expert groomers. You can contact us today at 781-767-3908 or make an appointment online!

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