Below are a few precautions to ensure your older dog gets along with your new puppy. Even if they’re friendly to puppies away from home, not all adult dogs desire to live with puppies. Please keep reading to find out how to make them accept each other.


Prepare Your Home

Ensure that all chews, toys, and food bowls are picked up. Older dogs are more likely to guard these things. Obtain expert advice if your adult dog guards such items-or even you before getting a puppy. Have a toy-free zone in which both can learn to get along. Initially, you can set up separate play areas with different toys for each so that there is no conflict between them.


Switch Scents With One Another

If possible, place something with the puppy’s scent in the older dog’s crate or bed before the puppy arrives so that he gets used to it. Leave the puppy something that has the smell of your older dog when he comes, if possible.


Slowly Make Introductions

You can treat your older dog if he is calm when he sees the puppy. You should end any interaction with him if he seems aggressive (raised hackles, lunging, snarling). Two handlers are needed for introductions — one for the puppy and one for the older dog. One person holds the puppy’s leash while the other has the leash of the older dog.


Manage Every Interaction

Have them meet behind a gate between rooms. A person may be on one side of the gate while the other may be on the opposite side. Getting your puppy accustomed to a crate will enable him sometimes to be crated in the same room as the adult dog. Ensure that they each get their food in their bowls.


Contact Canine College For Further Assistance

If you’re struggling to have your old dog get acquainted with your new puppy, contact our experts here at Canine College today. We will be sure to evaluate the situation and provide the proper training and implementations to have them coexist in your household. To contact us, call 781-767-3908 today for more info. We look forward to hearing from you!

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