Summer is here and everyone is excited to take vacations with family and friends. Whether you’re off to somewhere tropical, mountainous, inland or coastal, there are some areas of the country (or perhaps you’re going overseas) that just aren’t pet friendly.

Thankfully, there are pet boarding facilities all across Boston who are here to help out. At Canine College, Bow Wow Resort, we will board your dog and cat for as long as you need! Sure you could end up just paying your neighbor to stop in once a day to let your dog out and feed the cat, however if you’re planning on a trip lasting more than a couple days, we recommend taking the pet boarding approach.

Pet Boarding Perks

At our pet boarding facility in Holbrook, your dog will be anything but bored. You have options to include grooming, playtime, training sessions and daily walks with our staff members in order to help better pass the time. Depending on your dogs needs and ability to get along with other breeds, our facility has a large communal space within which dogs can enjoy some daily freetime.

Clean, Spacious Facility

Your pet’s health is important to us, which is why at Canine College, Bow Wow Resort our staff members are certified and capable of administering any medications your pet may need. We have no problems accommodating your pet if they have certain diet restrictions as well, simply supply us with the food they require and the amount needed and we will administer it properly. All of our kennels are cleaned thoroughly each time a guest leaves, which means your pet will be in a clean and welcoming space throughout their stay.

If you’re looking for a loving, welcoming and spacious pet boarding facility in the Boston area, please reserve a space for your pet here at Canine College, Bow Wow Resort. Same day scheduling is available but may be limited, so don’t wait until the last minute!

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