Our greater Boston area dog training and pet boarding facility is excited to announce a new addition to our dog training classes — Trick dog training! The first class starts Monday, May 15  at 6:45 pm at our Holbrook training and boarding facility located at 70 White Rock Spring Road.

What Is Trick Dog Training?

Tricks are one of the most entertaining and rewarding aspect of owning a dog. Dog owners have been seeking trick dog training for decades — ever since the popularity of celebrity dogs in the early and mid 1900’s. The great thing about trick dog training is that nearly any breed of dog and any age can perform at least some type of trick — all it takes is a little patience, some rewards and praise, and good communication between dog and owner. At Canine College, our professional dog trainers are here to help you and your dog become a master trickster!

Understanding Trick Dog Title Levels

Trying to balance 7 milk bones on top of your dog’s nose isn’t going to happen right off the bat, nor will doing a backflip upon the flick of your finger. Dog training, no matter what it is, takes time, and therefore there are certain levels of training that you and your dog must go through in order to work your way to the top.

Novice Trick Dog: To earn this title, your dog must perform 10 tricks designated by the American Kennel Club. If your dog is already a Canine Good Citizen, then they only need to perform 5 tricks to earn this title.

Intermediate Trick Dog: Your dog must first earn the novice trick dog title and then perform 10 additional tricks to earn the intermediate badge.

Advanced Trick Dog: After earning the novice and intermediate trick dog titles, your dog will perform 5 difficult tricks to earn the advanced title.

Trick Dog Performer: This performance is done in the presence of a dog trainer (as with the other trick titles previously listed), but this time your dog must perform a short routine that includes 10 or more tricks from the three previous stages.

Interested in teaching your dog new tricks? Contact Canine College today to sign up for the first ever Trick Dog training class this May!

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