We all know the wonderful benefits of sending kids to daycare, but daycare doesn’t have to be just for your own child. According to the ASPCA, approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and each year more dog owners have decided that instead of leaving their four-legged friend at home, it would be best to drop them off at a place where they can roam outside the house.

Daycare for dogs allows professional handlers to help keep your dog’s energy level in check. Too many times owners will come home to find that their favorite pair of shoes have been destroyed, or the trashcan has once again been upturned (some training may be in order here!). Dropping your pet off at daycare ensures that your dog will be adequately exercised by the time you pick them up at the end of the day.

Pet owners can benefit from less stress and worry about what their home will look like upon returning home. Exposing your dog to other dogs will also help them become accustomed to seeing other breeds. So when you take them for a walk around your own neighborhood, your pet will be more familiar with seeing their own kind.

The one who really benefits from doggy daycare however is the dog itself! Daycare is a great way to treat behavior problems that stem from too much energy. Other benefits include boredom and loneliness relief. There is no shortage of treats, toys, and friends at a dog daycare. Many dogs who are attached to their owners will experience separation anxiety from being alone all day. This stress is largely reduced with regular daycare.

Many dog daycare centers will offer additional activities for your pet if you so choose. For example, you could opt for a training class or agility class for breeds with higher energy levels. Contact your local dog daycare provider to see what is best for your pup.

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