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Canine College: The Boston Area’s Dog Boarding Facility

Since 1970, Canine College Bow Wow Resort has been providing dog and cat owners with boarding services. Our pet boarding facility is located in Holbrook, not far from the city of Boston. We’re located in Holbrook for a reason: Space for your pet! Any dog boarding facilities in the Boston area are normally too cramped and don’t offer pets enough room to enjoy themselves while you’re gone. The prices are also inflated due to high demand and the nature of being in the city. Bow Wow Resort features amenities such as climate controlled living spaces for your dog or cat, a private outdoor exercise pad, and as always plenty of food and water. Choosing the right boarding facility It can be hard to find the right dog boarding facility that both you and your pet approve of. Ours is clean, affordable and spacious. You can even choose a variety of add-on services while you’re away, such as grooming, training services, day care, playtime and medication administration. If you’re planning on taking a spring vacation or an early summer vacation, Canine College Bow Wow Resort recommends that you book well in advance as space does fill up quickly during the warmer months. Contact us today to book a boarding... read more

Boston Dog Training Options

At Canine College, we know you have dozens of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right dog training company for you and your dog’s needs. However, many Boston dog trainers don’t offer as a wide a selection of courses as we have available here. The bottom line is: every dog and owner are different — there are different breeds, different ages, different temperaments of dogs and both owners and their pets learn at different rates. Due to these varying differences, our Boston dog training facility offers the following training options. Puppy Kindergarten Puppy kindergarten is a great option for puppies 9 to 16 weeks old. The 5 week course exposes your new puppy to basic commands while on leash. This class, held at our Holbrook facility, is great to just introduce your pup to simple rules and will also expose your dog to other dogs and humans. Elementary Dog Training Great for dogs of all ages, Canine College offers two levels: Elementary I and Elementary II training. The first covers the basic commands such as sit, stay and heel all done in a group setting. Elementary II builds upon the basic commands and goes through the course at a faster pace. Group Training Aside from puppy kindergarten and elementary dog training, additional group training classes include advanced elementary, beyond advanced and off leash, competition training, aggression and protection training, and tracking courses. Read more here for more information about these courses. Private Dog Training What really makes our Boston area dog training company unique is that almost all of our classes we offer allow dog... read more

New Canine Good Citizen Class Scheduled for March 19th

Canine College is gearing up to start another Canine Good Citizen class starting this Sunday, March 19th. The class will be held at our spacious Holbrook MA site located at 70 White Rock Spring Road. Canine Good Citizen was established in 1989 by the American Kennel Club in order to encourage dog owners to improve their dog’s behavior and in turn promote the idea of well-behaved dogs. This multi-step test lasts about an hour and, if your dog passes, they receive a coveted CGC Certificate. This certificate states that your dog is well-behaved and is a model dog for other dog owners in your community. Click here for more information about what the CGC test entails. SIGN UP NOW FOR CANINE GOOD CITIZEN... read more

When to Consider Private Dog Training Classes

When asked, most dog owners will say that training their dog is important to them. Having a well-behaved dog will not only earn you compliments from friends and family, but also improve the relationship you have with your dog. However, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to training. At Canine College, we understand that each dog has their own unique personality, which is why there are different training classes available for you and your pup. When to Choose Private Dog Training. Although it may be cheaper to opt for group dog training lessons at our Holbrook MA facility, private dog training should not be ruled out, especially if your dog is prone to the following behaviors: Aggression. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, animals or humans, then it’s probably a good idea to hire a private dog trainer who can come to your home. Dogs are territorial, and having a training session in a place where they feel comfortable may be the best option. Shyness. On the flip side, if your dog is shy and scared of strangers and being around other dogs, private dog training is a better option. Again, your dog will feel safe learning new tricks in your own home. You can also request your private, in-home dog trainer to help your pup become more accustomed to strangers and other animals by taking them for walks around the neighborhood or taking them to a local dog park. Old Age. Although this is not a behavioral issue, sometimes older dogs have a harder time keeping up with learning new tricks at the pace puppies might.... read more

Live in Boston and Have a Dog? Make Sure It’s Trained!

Boston and greater Boston area residents are outdoorsy people, and there’s no better way to share an evening stroll or morning run around the city than with your dog. However, we do live in a city, and that means there will be other people out an about at all hours of the day — and these people will either not have a dog or will have a dog with them. Either way, it’s important to make sure your dog is well behaved and can handle being around other people and dogs in Boston. Reasons to Train Your Dog for City Life Having a well behaved dog isn’t just so you can garner compliments from neighbors, friends and passerby — it’s a safety thing in the city. Imagine running along the Charles River with your chocolate lab and the leash slips from your fingers. Not what? A well behaved dog would notice something was wrong and would stop immediately at a “heel” or “stay” command. A dog that’s not trained will go after the closest goose, runner, or fellow canine. In most instances these accidental interactions are harmless, but you never want to take that chance! The city is full of thousands of delicious and interesting smells for dogs, but if you’re on a mission and need to log miles or simply want to get your walk in the bitter cold over with, it can be a huge benefit to have a trained dog who won’t stop every 5 feet to “smell the roses.” A command like “come” or “heel” will tell your dog that you mean business and they... read more

New Years Resolutions for You and Your Dog

Don’t have a New Years resolution yet? Why not have a combined list of resolutions for you and your dog. Over half of all Americans make a resolution that’s exercise or health related, so why not have your dog hold you accountable to those goals? Here are a few 2017 resolutions for you and your dog: Stay active. It’s recommended that we exercise for at least 30-45 minutes three days a week. You can easily put some miles on your running or walking shoes this year by taking your dog out for a walk every day. Be sure to set a schedule for yourself. If you’re a morning person, set aside an extra 20 or 30 minutes to walk your dog in the morning. Better yet, get your whole family involved and take the dog out for a walk after dinner. Making healthy meal choices. Saying “I’m going to lose weight” is a difficult goal to achieve. Instead, it’s better to tell yourself that you’ll make healthier meal choices this year. This should also include your dog! Many Americans are often told by their veterinarian that their pet is overweight. At Canine College, our professional dog trainers are also very knowledgeable about what food is best for your pet. Think organic-based dry food, or consider making a healthy meal for your pet yourself. Learn a new skill. We’re sure you’ve always heard that it’s a good idea to have a hobby. Perhaps 2017 is the year you’ll pick up painting again, or woodworking or clock building. If you’re looking for a more interactive hobby that’s easy to learn and master, Canine College... read more

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Pup

If you’ve already finished purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends, then it’s time to start thinking about your furry friends. There’s nothing more entertaining than waking up on Christmas morning, unleashing the dog into the family or living room and having them sniff out their own present. Spread a little joy to your four legged family member with these last minute gift ideas for your pet. Treats. Who doesn’t love a treat? As we’re eating delicious holiday food and goodies, why not give your dog or cat something to nibble on? There are plenty of local Boston area pet supply stores that provide a large array of treats, many of which are organic ingredient-based. It can be tempting to purchase colorful treats, but be sure to read the ingredient list first. Chew toys. Chew toys are great for dogs both old and young and there are so many shapes, sizes and textures to choose from. Grab a couple different ones to see which your dog likes best. For older dogs, it’s wise to purchase softer toys in order to protect their adult teeth. Raw hides are also an affordable chew toy that’s great for those who have teething puppies. Pet clothing. It’s supposed to be another harsh winter this year in New England. At Canine College, we highly recommend protecting your dog if you plan on taking them outside for more than a few minutes. There are coats, foot booties and even ear warmers. If you have a short-haired smaller dog, it’s especially important to keep them warm this season. A new look. Our greater Boston area pet grooming facility is in... read more

Thanksgiving Foods Your Pet Can (And Can’t) Eat

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating the friends and family that we have. For many of us, that means being thankful for the pets in our lives; and a simple “thank you” in the form of food can go a long way for a dog or cat. An estimated 56% of Americans admitted to handing our pets some Thanksgiving morsels, but did you know that there are certain foods that aren’t good for your pet? Below is a list of food that you can get away with feeding to your dog or cat, as well as a list of food that shouldn’t be anywhere near them. Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Food Turkey — Just make sure it’s cooked thoroughly, doesn’t have skin (which can lead to choking and digestive issues), and is bone-free. Mashed potatoes — Be sure to make a bowl without all the milk and butter, as this can cause upset stomachs. Cranberry sauce — These fruits are great for your dog or cat’s urinary tract and help to fight infection; just forgo the canned kind which is composed of too much sugar. Macaroni and cheese — If this is a staple Thanksgiving dish at your place, go ahead and slip a little spoonful to your dog or cat as long as you know they aren’t lactose intolerant. Vegetables — Plain green beans, carrots and corn (off the cob) are great dietary foods for your pet. However, make sure that they are fresh and not cooked. Not Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Food Garlic & onions — Onions, garlic, mushrooms, sage, scallions, pepper and other foods that contain high amounts of sulfides are... read more

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Book Your Pet Boarding Dates Now!

Millions of Americans hit the roads during Thanksgiving weekend to visit friends and family. Whether you’re traveling across town, across the state or across the country for the long weekend, it’s important to understand that your dog or cat should not be left alone for more than 24 hours. Instead, we recommend reserving a space for your pet at a pet boarding facility in the Boston area. Why Your Pet WON’T Be Ok to Leave Alone at Home While your pet won’t pull something like a Home Alone repeat, leaving them for more than a day is not a good idea. For those who have puppies or kittens, they can get restless and may start terrorizing the inside of your home. Even if your pet is potty trained, if they don’t have a way to get outside then chances are you’re going to come home to a mess. Sure you could have a neighbor check in on your pet, but chances are everyone will be busy with their own Thanksgiving activities throughout the weekend — and you’ve always heard the horror stories about pet sitters forgetting to check in! Peace of Mind with Pet Boarding At Canine College, our pet boarding facility in Holbrook is a quick drive out of Boston. For those who are leaving the Boston area, simply swing by, drop your pet off and be on your way out of town. Our boarding facility is clean, spacious and you can even leave your furry friend with one of their favorite toys to make them more comfortable. It’s getting colder outside, but our indoor boarding building is climate controlled.... read more

Have a Well-Behaved Dog for the Holidays

We’re quickly approaching November, and that means holiday season! Did you know that 1 in 3 people either host or attend a holiday party each year? If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party at some point and have a mischievous or misbehaving dog, we highly recommend private or group dog training. Benefits of Group Dog Training Group dog training is great for younger dogs so they can get acquainted and accustomed to being around both other dogs and humans. At holiday parties, there will constantly be people coming through the door and ringing the doorbell or knocking. There will be food everywhere (and sometimes in places that might be easy to reach for your dog) as well as little children. All of these stimuli can be overwhelming for your dog. Group dog training is what will help get your dog used to constant stimuli that might make them hyper and misbehaving in a holiday party setting. Canine College provides dog owners with Elementary I and II training as well as Puppy Kindergarten. In these 5 week classes, your dog will learn simple but useful commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “heel” — all of the essential calls to keep your pup under control. Benefits of Private Dog Training The benefits of private dog training lessons are nearly unlimited. For those with a more aggressive dog, opting for a private training lesson will help them better cope with the training material. Our professional dog trainers at Canine College can also work at a pace that works with you and your dog. Homeowners that have older (but still misbehaved) dogs may... read more
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