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School Starts Soon, Opt For Dog Day Care!

School season means no more kids around the house to watch over the dog while you’re at work. We understand that things can get a little crazy during the school season and your time is limited. Instead of leaving the dog cooped up in the house for 8 hours, why not drop them off at their own school? Canine College in Holbrook provides doggie day care services for homeowners across the South Shore and Greater Boston areas. Our day care facility sits on a 50 acre property which is a real treat for dogs who need to burn off energy throughout the day. About Our Dog Day Care Our professional dog day care and training company is here to make sure that your pup is happy and healthy. After contacting Canine College, we’ll ask you a few questions about the temperament of your dog and we will perform an in-person behavior analysis. Afterwards, we’ll place your dog in a day care group consisting of other dogs of the same age, temperament and size to ensure everyone gets along as best as possible! What You & Your Dog Can Expect at Day Care While you’re at work and your kids are back at school, your dog will be enjoying a few hours outside with other dogs, then will head inside for a snack, nap and some relaxation. If you’re interested in training courses, a professional dog trainer will conduct a training class in your absence. When it’s time to pick your dog up at the end of the day, we’ll go over what your dog learned that day so you... read more

Canine Good Citizen Training for Rhode Island Residents

Hey Rhode Island! Are you limited in your dog training options and looking for something more rewarding for both you and your dog? Canine College, located in Holbrook, provides a great variety of dog training options. Our dog training facility is less than an hour’s drive from Providence, RI and we’ve already had dozens of Rhode Island residents come up for the Canine Good Citizen test. We’re one of few dog training facilities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that provides the CGC test. This test is set to prove to both you, your dog, and your community that your dog is well-behaved and that you are a responsible dog owner. What Does the CGC Test Entail? Originally founded by the American Kennel Club in 1989, CGC is a 10-step test taken over the course of a half hour. Each step will test your dog’s ability to behave when subject to different environmental stimuli, such as meeting a stranger, allowing to be pet, and being able to properly interact with other dogs. For northern Rhode Islanders, the CGC test at Canine College along with the certification award is worth the drive! If you and your dog complete the 10-step test in the allotted time and to the satisfaction of the assessor, you will be awarded with an official certificate from the American Kennel Club. If you’re interested in Canine Good Citizen, our professional dog training company recommends signing up for a private training course in order to determine whether or not your dog is ready for the Canine Good Citizen test. Many of our past clients have signed up for... read more

The Importance of Choosing Puppy Kindergarten

Did you just get a new puppy? Congrats! That’s a big responsibility, especially if you’re a first time dog owner. Canine College wants to make sure that your first dog owning experience is positive and rewarding — and that experience mainly comes from a well-trained, well-adapted dog. Why Puppy Kindergarten? Puppies are impressionable, which is why it’s important to enroll in our Puppy Kindergarten class to start training young and instill good habits and behavior. Our Puppy Kindergarten class is a 5 week program designed for puppies aged 9 to 16 weeks of age. We strongly encourage your entire family to come to this class so each individual can learn how to interact with your new family member. What It’s All About Your puppy will be in a group of other puppies of all breeds where they will each learn the basic commands such as sit, stay and heel. These simple commands will be tough using positive reinforcement, which is when rewards are given for good behavior. Puppy Kindergarten is a great foundation for those who want to sign up for more advanced training classes down the road such as Elementary dog training and Canine Good Citizen courses. What Makes Our Class Different At the end of each Puppy Kindergarten training session at our Holbrook dog training facility, you and your puppy will have a chance to socialize with the other dogs in the class. The entire class is on-leash, so there’s no need to worry about having to chase down your curious pup. Our trainers will always be there to supervise and direct as needed, as well as... read more

Elementary 1 Dog Training Starting July 18

Our dog training facility is gearing up for the start of another successful Elementary 1 Dog Training program! This on-site dog training program that is set to start on July 18 at 7 PM is perfect for dog owners who are looking to expose their pups to the basics of dog training. What to Expect in Elementary I Training This class is taken in a group setting in order to encourage better social behavior in your dog. Puppies who are taking Elementary I will benefit from being in a group learning environment; they will have a chance to be exposed to other dogs and other people. Older dogs are also more than welcome to enroll in Elementary I. Canine College frequently addresses misbehaved older dogs in this introductory behavior course. Further Training Courses Available After the 5 week, on-leash, Elementary I course is completed, you and your dog will have the option to enroll in the next level course, Elementary II, which includes more advanced commands over a 5 week period. Other advanced classes are also available. Having a well-behaved dog not only makes your life easier, but also makes your dog’s life much more enjoyable as they will now understand how to act in certain situations. Sign up today for July 18th’s Elementary I... read more

Benefits of Boarding Your Pet at Canine College

Summer is here and everyone is excited to take vacations with family and friends. Whether you’re off to somewhere tropical, mountainous, inland or coastal, there are some areas of the country (or perhaps you’re going overseas) that just aren’t pet friendly. Thankfully, there are pet boarding facilities all across Boston who are here to help out. At Canine College, Bow Wow Resort, we will board your dog and cat for as long as you need! Sure you could end up just paying your neighbor to stop in once a day to let your dog out and feed the cat, however if you’re planning on a trip lasting more than a couple days, we recommend taking the pet boarding approach. Pet Boarding Perks At our pet boarding facility in Holbrook, your dog will be anything but bored. You have options to include grooming, playtime, training sessions and daily walks with our staff members in order to help better pass the time. Depending on your dogs needs and ability to get along with other breeds, our facility has a large communal space within which dogs can enjoy some daily freetime. Clean, Spacious Facility Your pet’s health is important to us, which is why at Canine College, Bow Wow Resort our staff members are certified and capable of administering any medications your pet may need. We have no problems accommodating your pet if they have certain diet restrictions as well, simply supply us with the food they require and the amount needed and we will administer it properly. All of our kennels are cleaned thoroughly each time a guest leaves, which means... read more

Canine College Offers New Trick Dog Classes

Our greater Boston area dog training and pet boarding facility is excited to announce a new addition to our dog training classes — Trick dog training! The first class starts Monday, May 15  at 6:45 pm at our Holbrook training and boarding facility located at 70 White Rock Spring Road. What Is Trick Dog Training? Tricks are one of the most entertaining and rewarding aspect of owning a dog. Dog owners have been seeking trick dog training for decades — ever since the popularity of celebrity dogs in the early and mid 1900’s. The great thing about trick dog training is that nearly any breed of dog and any age can perform at least some type of trick — all it takes is a little patience, some rewards and praise, and good communication between dog and owner. At Canine College, our professional dog trainers are here to help you and your dog become a master trickster! Understanding Trick Dog Title Levels Trying to balance 7 milk bones on top of your dog’s nose isn’t going to happen right off the bat, nor will doing a backflip upon the flick of your finger. Dog training, no matter what it is, takes time, and therefore there are certain levels of training that you and your dog must go through in order to work your way to the top. Novice Trick Dog: To earn this title, your dog must perform 10 tricks designated by the American Kennel Club. If your dog is already a Canine Good Citizen, then they only need to perform 5 tricks to earn this title. Intermediate Trick Dog: Your dog must first earn... read more

Canine College: The Boston Area’s Dog Boarding Facility

Since 1970, Canine College Bow Wow Resort has been providing dog and cat owners with boarding services. Our pet boarding facility is located in Holbrook, not far from the city of Boston. We’re located in Holbrook for a reason: Space for your pet! Any dog boarding facilities in the Boston area are normally too cramped and don’t offer pets enough room to enjoy themselves while you’re gone. The prices are also inflated due to high demand and the nature of being in the city. Bow Wow Resort features amenities such as climate controlled living spaces for your dog or cat, a private outdoor exercise pad, and as always plenty of food and water. Choosing the right boarding facility It can be hard to find the right dog boarding facility that both you and your pet approve of. Ours is clean, affordable and spacious. You can even choose a variety of add-on services while you’re away, such as grooming, training services, day care, playtime and medication administration. If you’re planning on taking a spring vacation or an early summer vacation, Canine College Bow Wow Resort recommends that you book well in advance as space does fill up quickly during the warmer months. Contact us today to book a boarding... read more

Boston Dog Training Options

At Canine College, we know you have dozens of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right dog training company for you and your dog’s needs. However, many Boston dog trainers don’t offer as a wide a selection of courses as we have available here. The bottom line is: every dog and owner are different — there are different breeds, different ages, different temperaments of dogs and both owners and their pets learn at different rates. Due to these varying differences, our Boston dog training facility offers the following training options. Puppy Kindergarten Puppy kindergarten is a great option for puppies 9 to 16 weeks old. The 5 week course exposes your new puppy to basic commands while on leash. This class, held at our Holbrook facility, is great to just introduce your pup to simple rules and will also expose your dog to other dogs and humans. Elementary Dog Training Great for dogs of all ages, Canine College offers two levels: Elementary I and Elementary II training. The first covers the basic commands such as sit, stay and heel all done in a group setting. Elementary II builds upon the basic commands and goes through the course at a faster pace. Group Training Aside from puppy kindergarten and elementary dog training, additional group training classes include advanced elementary, beyond advanced and off leash, competition training, aggression and protection training, and tracking courses. Read more here for more information about these courses. Private Dog Training What really makes our Boston area dog training company unique is that almost all of our classes we offer allow dog... read more

New Canine Good Citizen Class Scheduled for March 19th

Canine College is gearing up to start another Canine Good Citizen class starting this Sunday, March 19th. The class will be held at our spacious Holbrook MA site located at 70 White Rock Spring Road. Canine Good Citizen was established in 1989 by the American Kennel Club in order to encourage dog owners to improve their dog’s behavior and in turn promote the idea of well-behaved dogs. This multi-step test lasts about an hour and, if your dog passes, they receive a coveted CGC Certificate. This certificate states that your dog is well-behaved and is a model dog for other dog owners in your community. Click here for more information about what the CGC test entails. SIGN UP NOW FOR CANINE GOOD CITIZEN... read more

When to Consider Private Dog Training Classes

When asked, most dog owners will say that training their dog is important to them. Having a well-behaved dog will not only earn you compliments from friends and family, but also improve the relationship you have with your dog. However, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to training. At Canine College, we understand that each dog has their own unique personality, which is why there are different training classes available for you and your pup. When to Choose Private Dog Training. Although it may be cheaper to opt for group dog training lessons at our Holbrook MA facility, private dog training should not be ruled out, especially if your dog is prone to the following behaviors: Aggression. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, animals or humans, then it’s probably a good idea to hire a private dog trainer who can come to your home. Dogs are territorial, and having a training session in a place where they feel comfortable may be the best option. Shyness. On the flip side, if your dog is shy and scared of strangers and being around other dogs, private dog training is a better option. Again, your dog will feel safe learning new tricks in your own home. You can also request your private, in-home dog trainer to help your pup become more accustomed to strangers and other animals by taking them for walks around the neighborhood or taking them to a local dog park. Old Age. Although this is not a behavioral issue, sometimes older dogs have a harder time keeping up with learning new tricks at the pace puppies might.... read more
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