It’s officially fall now and that means we can expect to see the days grow significantly shorter. For us dog-owners, the two most convenient times of the day (before work in the morning and after work or dinner in the evening) are affected by the loss of daylight. It’s also during this time of year that more pedestrian accidents happen.

In order to avoid an accident and to keep you and your dog visible while on your walks, here are a few tips and tricks to abide by.

  • High-Vis Clothing. Wearing neon colors isn’t just something people used to do in the 80’s. Head over to your nearest outdoor recreation store and purchase some high visibility clothing. Anything that’s reflective will help you and your dog get noticed by drivers. Look for bright yellows, oranges, greens and pinks. There are even high-vis clothing options for your dog!
  • Light It Up. If high-visibility clothing isn’t your thing, then definitely consider purchasing a headlamp or clip-on light. Something as simple as a blinking red light can quickly tell drivers that they need to share the road. There are also dog leashes and collars that light up. Don’t rule out the traditional flashlight either.
  • Go In A Group. The more the merrier and in this case bringing a friend or two (and their dogs) is a better idea once the sun is setting. There’s bound to be someone in the group wearing high-visibility clothing or with a light so that you can all be seen. If you’re interested in walking your dog with a group but are concerned that your dog won’t get along with other pets, consider contacting Canine College for behavior dog training.

Don’t forget that once the sun goes down during the Fall, the weather also gets much colder. Be prepared and wear layers. If your dog has short hair or is a smaller breed, they will get cold easily. Purchasing a doggie jacket will help make their walk more enjoyable.

Don’t have time to walk your dog this Fall? No worries, Canine College has doggie daycare available for pet owners who are gone for the day and don’t want their pet to be left alone in the house. Contact us today for training or other services!

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