Millions of Americans hit the roads during Thanksgiving weekend to visit friends and family. Whether you’re traveling across town, across the state or across the country for the long weekend, it’s important to understand that your dog or cat should not be left alone for more than 24 hours. Instead, we recommend reserving a space for your pet at a pet boarding facility in the Boston area.

Why Your Pet WON’T Be Ok to Leave Alone at Home

While your pet won’t pull something like a Home Alone repeat, leaving them for more than a day is not a good idea. For those who have puppies or kittens, they can get restless and may start terrorizing the inside of your home. Even if your pet is potty trained, if they don’t have a way to get outside then chances are you’re going to come home to a mess. Sure you could have a neighbor check in on your pet, but chances are everyone will be busy with their own Thanksgiving activities throughout the weekend — and you’ve always heard the horror stories about pet sitters forgetting to check in!

Peace of Mind with Pet Boarding

At Canine College, our pet boarding facility in Holbrook is a quick drive out of Boston. For those who are leaving the Boston area, simply swing by, drop your pet off and be on your way out of town. Our boarding facility is clean, spacious and you can even leave your furry friend with one of their favorite toys to make them more comfortable.

It’s getting colder outside, but our indoor boarding building is climate controlled. Every pet is guaranteed fresh water at all times and dogs are always guaranteed exercise at least once a day through use of the exercise pad. If you’re already enrolled in a dog training class with Canine College, our dog trainers will continue with these training classes even though you and your family are out of town.

Need a place for your pet to stay this Thanksgiving? Contact Canine College today to schedule your pet boarding dates before we will up!

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