Dog owners love their pets like children and that includes wanting them to have fun all year round! There’s no shortage of fun fall activities for humans, but what about for your dog? There are plenty of fall-themed activities your dog will love that you haven’t thought of yet but don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

An Autumn Hike

There’s nothing better than going out for a hike to admire the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Just as much as you love an autumn hike, your dog will love it even more! Find a trail that has plenty of beautiful scenery, grab the leash, and let nature lead the way. Your pet will get to sniff, run, and play in a space much bigger than the backyard. 

Apple Picking

Apple picking is an essential fall activity for people of all ages, but your dog shouldn’t be left out of the fun! Apple orchards are an outdoor activity so bringing the dog along will be as easy as ever. Make sure to keep your dog on the leash so they don’t disturb other apple pickers. You can even use some of the apples you pick to make homemade dog treats! 


If your dog loves car rides then they’re sure to love hayrides even more. Look for a fall farm near you that’s pet-friendly and bring your dog along while you take a ride around on some hay bales! They’ll be able to enjoy fresh air on the ride much more than they can just by sticking their head out a car window. 

A Fall Photoshoot

Dogs love to play and people love to take photos of their pets, so this is the perfect solution! Find a pile of leaves or take a couple of your dog’s favorite toys outside and have a fall photo shoot while they play. 

Scary Movie Marathon

Sometimes all dogs want to do is cuddle up next to their owner inside. A scary movie marathon is a perfect excuse to stay inside and get quality time with your pet. After all, the other activities on the list will wear them out enough it’s probably time for a break! 

Keep your fall fun safe by updating your dog’s tags on their collar and keeping them on a leash. Bring along a water bowl, some treats, and some doggy bags too before you start crossing anything off this list! 

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