As pet owners, we often believe our pets are perfect just the way they are. Sometimes we may even believe that we can train our dogs ourselves; we’ve made the commitment to create a wonderful house pet on our own. However, not all situations end up as planned when it comes to owning a new puppy.

Luckily at Canine College, we’ve got a quick list for you to review that can help you determine whether or not Elementary dog training at our Holbrook facility is right for your dog.

  1. Aggression. If your dog is showing aggression to other dogs, pets or humans, then it’s time to reassess your training methods and seek help from a professional trainer. Aggressive behavior includes snarling, biting, charging and barking. The chances are your dog is nervous, confused or scared and showing aggression as a coping mechanism.
  2. Jumping. “Down!” just sometimes won’t cut it. If your dog is a hyperactive breed that gets excited whenever a leaf falls or the doorbell rings, then more in-depth training is needed. At Canine College, we use positive reinforcement in order to instill better behavior.
  3. Barking. Whether your dog is barking in an aggressive manner, a friendly manner or a territorial manner, excessive barking should not be tolerated. When living in the greater Boston area, it can be quite easy to create unhappy neighbors with a dog that barks constantly.
  4. Leash Pulling. It’s important to bring your dog out for daily walks in order for them to release some energy (among other things) and get familiar with their surrounding environment. At our Holbrook dog training facility we specialize in both on and off-leash training for dogs. We start with on-leash training and simple commands in our Elementary I class and then work up to off-leash training and more complex commands during our Elementary II class.
  5. Ignoring. Dogs that don’t heel when you ask or sit when you want them may be ignoring commands altogether. This is a sign of bad behavior and should be addressed by a professional trainer. Ignoring isn’t as big of a behavioral issue as aggression, but if your dog doesn’t listen to your commands, then it could put them in danger in the future.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your new dog, contact our professional dog training company in Holbrook and the South Shore area today.

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