Did you just get a new puppy? Congrats! That’s a big responsibility, especially if you’re a first time dog owner. Canine College wants to make sure that your first dog owning experience is positive and rewarding — and that experience mainly comes from a well-trained, well-adapted dog.

Why Puppy Kindergarten?

Puppies are impressionable, which is why it’s important to enroll in our Puppy Kindergarten class to start training young and instill good habits and behavior. Our Puppy Kindergarten class is a 5 week program designed for puppies aged 9 to 16 weeks of age. We strongly encourage your entire family to come to this class so each individual can learn how to interact with your new family member.

What It’s All About

Your puppy will be in a group of other puppies of all breeds where they will each learn the basic commands such as sit, stay and heel. These simple commands will be tough using positive reinforcement, which is when rewards are given for good behavior. Puppy Kindergarten is a great foundation for those who want to sign up for more advanced training classes down the road such as Elementary dog training and Canine Good Citizen courses.

What Makes Our Class Different

At the end of each Puppy Kindergarten training session at our Holbrook dog training facility, you and your puppy will have a chance to socialize with the other dogs in the class. The entire class is on-leash, so there’s no need to worry about having to chase down your curious pup. Our trainers will always be there to supervise and direct as needed, as well as to teach families the proper way to train their new puppies outside of class.

For more information or to sign up for our next Puppy Kindergarten class, click here!

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