If you’re a first-time dog owner and want to ensure that you have all the proper care and needs for your new puppy, this is the perfect checklist for you. Continue reading to learn more about what items you should have on your new puppy checklist.

1. Correctly Sized Crate

Dogs flourish by being surrounded with proper comfort and care. As den animals, they love the security of a snug space. The best way to acclimate them to your home, as well as teaching them the proper place to sleep & store their belongings, is through crate training. Your ideal crate should consist of three walls and a gate that your dog can see through. This allows them comfort, as well as safety in their own home. It’s crucial to buy a crate with the right amount of space for your puppy, meaning that they should be able to lay down but not have too much additional room comfortably. By giving them too much space, your dog may be more likely to have an accident. 

2. Wired Playpen

Consider purchasing a wired playpen to train your dog to have a designated space for playtime. This can be configured to any shape or size, as well as block doorways or rooms that your dog should not enter. This teaches them to have designated space to play and run around, while the other remaining space in your house is not meant for that. 

3. Puppy Chew Toys 

New puppies are very likely to chew on anything in their sight. That being said, you want to ensure you have plenty of dog toys for them to chew on instead. Our recommendation is to start with a variety, as different breeds may gravitate toward other toys. Whether these are plush toys, balls, or even treat-filled bones, grab one of each to keep your puppy occupied.

4. Fitted Leash & Collar 

Introduce your puppy to their leash and collar to get them accustomed to wearing it. Allowing the dog to sniff, lick, and try on these items will get them comfortable wearing them when they need to go outside or for a walk. Be sure to speak with our experts to discover the proper sizing of these items based on your dog’s age and breed. 

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Canine College has the right tools and resources to guide you through this journey if you’re looking for other checklist items that you can add to this list. Our experts are trained professionals with dogs of all breeds and ages to make suitable recommendations for you. To get started, contact us today by calling 781-767-3908. We are looking forward to working with you.

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