With the ever-demanding workplace and more hours at work, we are spending less time with our dogs. Although some dogs might decide to sleep and await your arrival, some need something extra. Doggy Daycare is a place to provide the extra spark for your dog while you are off to work. It doesn’t matter how often you drop your dog at such daycare. What matters most is whether your dog will thrive in such an environment. Before you decide to send your dog off to a Doggy Daycare, know how your dog responds to such an environment. Without any doubt, dog daycare necessary for your dog for many reasons which include but not limited to:

For Your Dog to Learn Socialization Skills

The fact that dogs are social animals means that it will be counterproductive always to lock them in the house while you are off to work. Your dog needs to b around other dogs to learn how to act properly and play very well with others. 

Good and Proper Exercise for Your dog

As you must have noticed, your dog is always happy and full of energy whenever it welcomes you from your work. The dog is in the mood to play while you are thinking of taking your shower and jumping into the bed. Knowing the benefits inherent in properly exercising your dog, you can see why dog daycare is necessary.

Not Having to Worry About Bathroom Breaks 

Bathroom breaks are one less thing to worry about your dog if you have it enrolled in a dog daycare. While your dog has been home all day, you have to worry about him being able to use the bathroom. Bathroom breaks won’t be a problem if you have your dog in doggie daycare.      

Change of Environment 

Even though your dog is fine with staying in the house until you get back from work. You should see the dog daycare as a cool vacation for the dog to relax and interact with other people and their dogs too. 

New Doggy Friends for Your Dog

Your dog needs doggy friends, and the doggy daycare is the perfect environment to make new friends. Once your dog gets a “BFF,” you can set up a doggy playdate outside the doggy daycare. The Doggy daycare is a great opportunity for you to meet new dog people just like you. 

Dog Daycare at Canine College

Are you looking for the perfect doggy daycare for your dog? Canine College offers a wonderful dog daycare experience for your dog or puppy in Holbrook. If you live or work in the area, it’s a perfect spot to drop your dog for the day, and let him have some fun. He’ll enjoy our outdoor play area, snack time, and plenty of water. To learn more about our dog day care program, contact us today! Fill out an online form or give us a call at 781-767-3908.


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