Dog shows are amazing to watch! Seeing a wide array of dogs performing incredible skills is something to see. Show dogs are incredibly obedient to their owners and what they can be taught is astounding. Are you planning on turning your beautiful pup into a show dog? In this post, you will learn some tips on training your dog for a dog show! Continue reading to learn more about what you may need to prepare your furry friend using reliable and trusted techniques.

1. Martingale Style Collar

If you are training an average or big dog for a dog show, it is best to use a martingale-style collar. With these collars, it covers enough of the dog’s neck to stop the head from slipping out while training. This collar is excellent for training your pup because it allows the collar to tighten when giving them commands, slowing them down, etc. It is a helpful product in the dog show training process, especially for average or big dogs!

2. Clicker

When training a show dog, you want them to be intelligent and responsive. To have the best results, it is recommended to use a clicker. Using this system of training helps with communicating your commands to your dog. The clicking sound calls the dog to action and alerts them that an order has been given. Upon introducing the clicker to your dog, you should have a brief training session on how the clicker works. You can do this by pressing the clicker and making the dog run or do an expected action. Using the clicker will help your dog associate the noise with doing commands. Always be sure to give your dog a treat in the process!

3. Short Sessions

Making training sessions short, exciting, and engaging will allow the dog to learn what is being trained without confusion. Lengthy sessions can lead to your dog becoming bored, confused, and uninterested. Each training session should focus on a minimum of one or a maximum of three skills. The easier you make the training sessions on your dog, the more intelligent and responsive they will be.

4. Dog Show Training Classes

Enrolling your dog in dog show training classes can be used as extra training for your pup. During this training class, it will allow your dog to engage and help them get along with other dogs. Dog show training classes can train your pup from square one and teach them what they need to know. Taking your dog to dog show training classes be helpful to you and your dog while preparing for a dog show!

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