Being a pet parent is fun and rewarding, but it’s also very challenging too. Getting your animals to get along with one another is almost as hard as asking two human siblings to get along, especially if one is a cat and the other is a dog. Cats and dogs tend to have very different personalities and as a pet parent, it’s your job to help those personalities mesh well. Training your dog to get along with your cat is a never-ending job, but it becomes a whole lot easier with these simple tips!

Consider the Individual Animal and Their Needs

If you’re welcoming a new furry friend into your house, you have the opportunity to try to find two animals that’ll mix well together. Instead of comparing breeds of dogs and cats to find a good match, compare the personality of the individual animal. A dog who is very jumpy probably won’t mesh well with an overly energetic cat. A dog who’s used to having the house to themselves likely won’t love a clingy kitten that invades their space. Think about your dog’s personality type, and try to find a cat who pairs well with that for a seamless transition.

Give Cats and Dogs Their Own Space

Establish a different space and items for each pet to reduce fighting over those things. Your dog should have its own food and water bowl separate from the cat. Put some distance between their feeding areas in the beginning to avoid conflict. Assign each pet a bed or other area that is just theirs. This gives your dog or cat somewhere to go and relax if they’re feeling overwhelmed or annoyed by the other animal in the home.

Keep Your Dog Active and Stimulated

Dogs have lots of energy and most owners don’t do enough to get that energy out. Find a nearby dog park or walking trail that you can take your pup to on a regular basis to keep them active and avoid pent up energy. Stimulating their mind is just as important as stimulating their body. Practice new tricks, train on an obstacle course, or even utilize feeding and treat tools that make your dog work for their food at each meal.

Contact Canine College for Dog Training

If you’re still struggling to train your dog to get along with your feline friend, a professional dog trainer is a great option. Canine College is an established and experienced dog trainer in the Holbrook area and would love to help you train your pets to get along! Contact Canine College today for more training tips and tricks, and get your dog enrolled in a group training class or one-on-one training!

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