Getting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting times in our lives! Just like welcoming a newborn baby into the family, it’ll be a big adjustment for the whole family. Puppies can be a lot of work, so it’s crucial that you’re prepared with all the essentials before he arrives. We’ve put together a checklist of a few necessities you’ll want to have on hand before bringing your new furry friend home.

Dog Crate

First, you’ll want to have a crate to bring your puppy home in! Crate training has many advantages for you and your new friend. A crate acts as the dog’s den, and becomes a safe space for them. This can be especially helpful if you’re rescuing a puppy, or have a puppy with anxiety. The crate is a place where they can go to find comfort and security. It’ll also allow you to be able to leave your dog at home for a few hours while you run errands, without having to worry about him tearing up the house while you’re gone! To ensure that your puppy doesn’t develop negative feelings towards the crate, never use it as a punishment and avoid leaving your dog in there too long.


In case you’ve never had a puppy, we’re here to tell you; they love to chew everything! Having good dog chews can help redirect them from chewing furniture, clothes, or shoes, to the chews you give them instead! These are key to have around until your puppy matures and loses his puppy teeth.


This one may be obvious, but you can never have enough! It’s best to have several toys with different textures to help when your dog starts teething. You may also want to get a plush toy that you can bring with you when picking up the puppy to pick up the scent of his mom and littermates.

Leash, Collar & Name Tags

Continuing with the essentials, a leash and collar are key to have on hand from Day 1. Your puppy is going to have tons of energy, so be prepared for lots of walks and playtime in your future! We recommend getting two leashes: A lightweight nylon (4 or 6 foot) and a leather training leash. Name tags can be ordered online ahead of time, or you can get them at your local pet store. Be sure to include at least his name and phone number.

Puppy Food

Depending on the breed of dog, the best type of food for your new pup may vary. We recommend talking with your dog’s vet first. A few of the top rated brands include Wellness Core, Whole Earth Farms, Taste of the Wild, Hill’s Science, and more. 

Sign up for Training Classes

If you’re welcoming a new puppy into the family and need assistance with training, contact the experts at Canine College! We offer several different private and group training programs. Check them out and fill out an online contact form today.

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