If your furry friend is acting out and not being obedient, that’s okay! Unfortunately, even the best dogs sometimes develop behavioral problems and may need to be trained. This can be common in puppies, early adulthood dogs, or rescues. When issues with your dog arise, training classes can help fix these problems and get things back to normal quickly! If you’re unsure if your dog needs training, continue reading to learn about the signs!

Food Aggression 

One thing that is common amongst dogs is food aggression. This is a form of resource guarding, and your dog may be protective of its food. In a loving home, your furry friend may have food aggression stemming from insecurity. Food aggression can lead to dogs nipping, biting, or worse if it is left untrained. It is best to have your dog trained by a professional if you struggle with this issue in your home!


When deciding to adopt and love a rescue dog, there may be a chance that your dog came from a traumatic background. When rescuing a dog, they can come from a great environment with no problems or, they may have experienced poor backgrounds with abuse or neglect leading to behavioral issues. Your furry friends coming from an unfortunate background may have difficulty adjusting to a new home and trusting those around them. 

Stress caused by negative events can create challenges with rescues once they’re adopted. These challenges may be difficult to overcome, but it is possible to fix these challenges. A great place to start would be training and obedience classes. Having a professional trainer working with your rescue pup one-on-one may be the perfect solution!

Excessive Barking

If you are dealing with a pup that barks excessively, this can be frustrating. Bringing your barking dog to training classes will teach your dog to respond to commands such as “quiet”, “stop”, etc. This training of commands may guide your dog is knowing when and when not to bark. Dog barking is natural but, it is essential to direct your dog to do so when appropriate. Training classes can assist you and your furry friend with this!


Not every dog is born with good manners; they need to be taught. If you’re struggling with your pup being unfriendly towards people, this is something to work on so you and your pup are more comfortable! Your dog knowing people manners is vital as an unfriendly dog can become aggressive at times. Luckily, with training classes, your furry friend can be taught how to be polite and friendly with people who are kind to them! Having an unfriendly dog doesn’t indicate that you have a mean dog; a little training can go a long way and create a friendly dog!

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