Taking your dog to the beach is exciting for you and them! Bringing your dog to the beach in the summer may be great but, also taking them during the off-season is a good idea too. During the summer there may be more restrictions for bringing your dog to the beach, so keep an eye out. No matter what time of year you decide to take your furry friend to the beach for fun in the sand and water, we have some tips for you! Continue reading to learn tips that can help make bringing your dog to the beach a breeze!


Not all beaches allow dogs so it is important to do your research and know where and where you can’t bring your dog. You wouldn’t want to go all the way to a beach just to find out your dog isn’t allowed to be there. This may not be a big deal if you live nearby but, if you’re vacationing with your dog, this could be an issue. Some beaches may only allow dog at certain times of the day, or year. Make sure you’re aware of what beaches are dog-friendly so you and your furry friend can have a blast!

Bring Fresh Water

When bringing your dog to the beach it is essential to make sure they’re staying well hydrated! Yes, there’s the ocean water but, that salt water isn’t good for dogs. Bring fresh, cold water bottles to ensure that your dog is staying hydrated. With your dog running around and playing at the beach on a hot summer day, they will be thirsty. Be prepared by bringing plenty of water so you and your furry friend are staying hydrated in the heat!

Provide Shade

With all the running around and playing at the beach, your dog can get easily overheated. Panting is something dogs do often to cool themselves down but heavy panting is something you want to look out for. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen very easily with dogs. So, when you’re planning to spend time at the beach with your dog, bring an umbrella or some form of shade for your dog to have a break from the hot sun.

Paw and Skin Protection

The sand and the sun at the beach are very hot and can easily take a toll on your dogs body. Just like a humans feet and skin, dogs paws and skin can also become blistered, irritated, or burned from the heat. All dogs are at risk to get sunburns but some are more susceptible than others. The lighter the dog, the greater the risk of getting a sunburn. It is important to remember to bring paw protection along with dog sunscreen for your furry friend.

Dry Your Dog’s Ears

After your dog goes for a swim at the beach, make sure to dry their ears! If your dog is prone to ear infections, left-over moisture in the ear can become a problem. Moisture is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s important to make sure those ears are dry! Don’t stop your furry friend from taking a swim and having fun in the ocean, just remember to dry those ears afterwards!

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Taking your dog to the beach is a great experience especially if you follow along these tips! If you’re looking for more ways to keep your dog entertained and active contact Canine College today. We’re offer training, dog day care, boarding, and more! Give us a call at 781-767-3908 or fill out our contact form today!

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