Like babies, puppies use their mouth to chew anything and everything that crosses path with them. In fact, to puppies, the entire world is a chew toy. If these puppies only chew their toys, then we wouldn’t be having any problem with them. 

They go on to chew your shoes, furniture, and anything they can get their mouth on. Aside from destroying things in your home, your puppy can also chew things that can harm it or lead to its death. To train your puppy to stop chewing requires time and consistent effort. Before we delve into training your puppy to prevent chewing, lets us consider why puppies chew in the first place.

Why Puppies Chew

Chewing is a typical behavioral trait for puppies and dogs in general. There are multiple reasons why puppies chew, and they include relieving anxiety, strengthening their jaw, getting rid of boredom, etc. As social animals, dogs need stimulation for the good of their mental health. When you fail to exercise your puppy enough or provide it with the required one-on-one time, your puppy can divert its attention to chewing inappropriate things. 

Tips On How To Train Your Puppy To Not Chew

Create Puppy-Barriers in Your Home

It would help if you did not allow your puppy to have full run access in your home unless it is thoroughly trained. Decide on the areas that your puppy will be allowed to play and then puppy-proof your home. You will have to pick and remove those materials that might appeal to your puppy to chew.

Make Toys Available for Your Puppy

Puppies chew to ease teething pain and also get rid of boredom. Therefore to stop your puppy from chewing inappropriate things, let them have access to the appropriate items to chew. Puppies enjoy nylon bones, a stuffed animal with squeakers inside, rubber toys, etc. you should not give your puppy “old shoes” to chew as they cannot differentiate which shoes are for chewing and the ones that are off-limits. 

Provide Your Puppy With Enough Exercise

Ensure your puppy have enough playtime and cuddle time because a tired puppy is a happy puppy. When you leave your puppy to its own devices, it will undoubtedly find a way to burn off energy. After the puppy vaccinations, take the puppy around for a daily walk routine. 

Redirect Your Puppy

Whenever you find your puppy chewing on inappropriate materials in the home, don’t just take the content away from the puppy; also, direct it to something you want it to chew. You can make it more fun for your puppy by squeezing a squeaky toy or shaking the nylon bones while talking to it in a happy voice. 

Training Classes at Canine College

At Canine College, we will help you with all the necessary training programs that will effectively help your puppy to stop chewing. We have professionals and experts in this field, and they are ever ready to get your puppy to stop chewing. Contact us today to learn more about our puppy training programs in Holbrook MA

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