Have you always been envious of other people’s well-behaved dogs while on a walk or run through your neighborhood? If you’ve just adopted a puppy and have visions of him or her being the most well-behaved dog in town, then Elementary I is the perfect place to begin this journey.

Offered at Canine College, Bow Wow Resort in Holbrook MA, Elementary I is a group dog training class that accepts dogs who are as young as 4 months or older. The class is designed to introduce both you and your dog to basic commands. We will work on commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” “down,” “easy,” and similar simple commands. Our professional dog trainers implement a positive reinforcement approach to dog training, which is comprised of verbal praise as well as the occasional treat for exceptionally good behavior.

Elementary I is a five week, on-leash program in a group setting. Being in a group setting allows for you and your dog to get acquainted with being around other dogs. Sometimes puppies and older dogs can be shy or aggressive around others, but Elementary I will help them become acclimated to their surroundings and acquire social skills.

This is a great dog training program to establish a core of basic commands that you and your dog can always build upon. After Elementary I, owners can choose to enroll their dog in higher level training courses so your goal for the most well-behaved dog in town can be achieved in as few as 10-15 weeks!

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