The cold winter months our upon everyone in Boston, including your dog. Don’t forget to take your dog into consideration when you’re trying to keep warm. Protect their paws, keep their coats clean, and find out all the grooming tips here by Canine College experts.

  1. During the cold months, dogs tend to shed more because they are inside a cozy, warm house more often. As most dog owners will suggest, having a hoover for dog hair is usually an essential for any home in the winter months. You could look online yourself, or you could make use of websites like to ensure you purchase a reliable device. Brushing your dog more often helps prevent tangled hair as well as preventing dryness. By brushing often you move the natural oils of your dog coat around relieving the dryness experienced in the winter.
  2. Doggy coats, sweaters, and blankets. These doggy accessories are available in all shapes, sizes and designs. These coats are only meant to be worn outside and taken off when coming indoors. The outerwear for dogs mats and tangles their hair.
  3. Pay close attention to your dogs feet and under the paws. Snow, ice, salt, and ice melts can cause pain and injuries down the road. Rinse paws and feet more frequently, clip their toe nails, and trim excess hair between paws.

Sometimes the excess attention a dog needs during the winter months can get overwhelming. Canine College provides professional grooming services at their Holbrook MA location. In addition, clipping nails and ear we have a variety of scented shampoos! View our grooming rates & make an appointment.


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