It is imperative to start training your puppy as soon as you bring it home, usually at 8 weeks. It is possible to teach them basic puppy training cues such as sit, stay, and come during this stage. Getting your puppy ready for training as soon as it’s prepared is essential, so keep reading to learn what to do before your puppy training sessions.

Basic Puppy Training Timeline

What is the best method for teaching your dog the different cues? What is the best way to house-training your dog? We have outlined the steps to house-training your dog below.

7-8 Weeks Old

Basic Cues

Basic cues can be introduced as early as 7 weeks old:

  • “Sit” once is a good start.
  • Put your dog in the sitting position using a treat.
  • Praise him after he sits.

Leash Training

This is an ideal age to begin leash training. It is unsafe for puppies to be walking around where other dogs are walking at this point because they do not have all their vaccinations. Begin by giving them treats for short periods while wearing the collar/harness. Gradually extend this time. You can walk around on the leash inside without distractions when your puppy knows how to come to you. You can move the training outside once your puppy has all their vaccinations.

General Handling

Let your puppy become accustomed to being touched. Reward them by gently rubbing their ears and paws. This will allow these areas to become less sensitive and make veterinary visits and nail trims less stressful when they are older.

8-10 Weeks Old

Crate Training

The crate should be a safe and calm place for your puppy. Allow them to roam their crate for 10 free minutes while friendly and relaxed. Reward them with treats for each time they go in on their own. Additionally, feeding them in their crate allows them to associate it with happy things.

10-12 Weeks Old

Learning Not to Bite

Puppies can begin nipping at this age. Whether they are grabbing shoes, socks, or toys, they are more inclined to chew on things unknowingly. If they start biting you, redirect them to a more appropriate object to bite, like a toy.

12-16 Weeks Old

Potty Training

Keeping a consistent schedule is essential for potty training your puppy. Take them out in the morning, after eating, and then after any playtime or naps. They will develop bladder control at this stage and let you know when they need to go outside. Reward your puppy with a treat each time they go to the bathroom.

6 Months Old

Puppies are entering their adolescence stage at around 6 months. This can become the most challenging stage to start training if you haven’t begun. They must become well developed at this stage to attempt more mature dog activities such as the dog park or walks without a leash.

Help With Training Your Puppy

You want your puppy to be ready and prepared for training for around 8 weeks. Canine College can provide you with essential puppy training tips to get you started. Our team of professionals can assist you and your pup with any of your training needs. To enroll your dog in training classes, contact us today by calling 781-767-3908. We look forward to working with you!

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