Dogs are active animals that require daily movement to stay healthy both mentally and physically. It can be difficult to get that daily activity in during the colder seasons, but summer is the perfect time to make up for it! Try out some of these fun activities to keep your dog moving all summer long.

Find a New Walking Route

A walk around the neighborhood is nice, but it can quickly become redundant. Change it up by finding a nearby walking trail that’s dog-friendly. An easy hiking trail is a great option too! Your dog will love the change of scenery. Plus, it’s a great way to test out their leash obedience skills.

Practice Playing Fetch or Frisbee

Fetch and frisbee are nothing new, but your dog will love them regardless! Go into your backyard or visit a park with lots of grassy area. Bring a ball, your dogs’ favorite toy, or a frisbee. Fetch is as simple as throwing something and having your dog bring it back to you. Frisbee will probably start out that way, but your dog may get good enough to catch the frisbee mid-air with enough practice! Don’t forget to reward your dog with lots of positive affirmation each time they return with the ball or frisbee.

Get Their Fur Wet

Many dog breeds are naturally drawn to the water. Playing in the water is a lot of fun, great exercise, and keeps your dog cool on hot summer days. You can start with a kiddie pool in the backyard. Some dogs even enjoy taking a kayaking or rafting trip with their owner! Invest in a life vest for your dog so you can take them out to the water for a safe and fun day.

Find a Place to Socialize Your Dog

Dogs love to play with other dogs! Look for nearby dog parks and agility courses. If your dog has never been in that environment before, keep them on the leash until you both feel more comfortable. If your dog is too aggressive for a dog park or has some behaviors that need to be addressed firsst, consider signing up for professional obedience classes. Not only do obedience classes help you learn how to manage your dog better, they also act as a form of controlled socialization for your pup.

Sign Up For a Group Dog Training Class

If you’d like to learn more about group dog training or individual obedience classes, contact Canine College today! As the leading dog trainer in Holbrook MA area, we can help transform even the most out of control dogs. Working with a professional this summer will give you the freedom to take your dog to more fun places next summer without worrying about how they’ll behave. Call today to get started before summer is over!

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