Putting your dog in a crate is something that most dog owners will have to tackle at some point. It’s ideal to have a good crate routine with your dog so that when they need to go in the crate, everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, some dogs fight their time in a crate more than others. If your dog is barking every time they go in the crate, start using these strategies to stop the barking once and for all.

Create a Comfortable Space

Expecting your dog to be happy in a crate without doing your part to make the crate cozy isn’t fair. Start by choosing a crate that’s large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around, but not so big there’s a lot of excess space. Use a blanket to cover three sides of the crate. Inside, put a comfortable dog bed and one of your dogs favorite toys.

Their crate should feel like a cozy den they’re happy to relax in, not a jail they’re forced to be in.

Crated Feedings

Feeding your dog in their crate is one of the easiest ways to encourage your dog to spend more time in the crate daily. It also teaches them that their crate is a safe place to relax. Shut the crate while your dog eats, but don’t leave them in for too long afterwards. Dogs usually need a bathroom break about 10-15 minutes after meals.

Ease into it

If your dog isn’t used to spending time in a crate or has a negative association with crate time, don’t jump into long stretches of time right away. Ease your dog into it with short periods in the crate. Offer plenty of positive affirmation after letting them out of the crate too! Slowly increase the time, keeping in mind the age of your pup and their potty training.

Prepare Your Dog for Success

Similarly to how you have a daily schedule, your dog should too. Schedule their time in the crate around meal times, exercise, and potty breaks. Putting your dog into the crate when they’re hungry or overly energetic is more likely to cause barking. A dog that’s full and calm is more likely to lay down and relax during crate time.’

Don’t Use the Crate for Punishment

Possibly the most important rule to remember is to never put your dog in their crate as a punishment. It can be tempting to lock them up when they misbehave, but this will form a negative association with their crate. When your dog has negative feelings about their crate, they’ll bark because they want out.


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