The winter storms are rolling in on a more regular basis during this time of year. Preparing for a winter storm doesn’t just mean buying extra milk and bread at the grocery store. You’ll want to make sure to prepare your pet for the inclement snow and cold as well because after all, they will eventually need to go outside. I may be snug inside with my fireplace, hundreds of blankets and I just found some good Underfloor heating suppliers that I’m looking into but it’s not as easy for our pets to keep warm especially if they’re typically an outside dog that doesn’t like being inside for long amounts of time. If your pet is a little more averse to staying outdoors for long periods of time then you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable and warm indoors. Many people opt for furnaces to keep their homes heated but you may want to enlist the help of professionals (like this – to conduct regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure that everything is working as it should. This way, you can avoid faults which lead to a less efficient furnace.

That being said here are five fool-proof ways to keep your pet warmer during the winter.

  1. Pet Clothing. We sometimes chuckle at owners who dress up their pets, but they may be on to something. For smaller breeds or breeds with naturally shorter hair, winter can be brutal because not as much heat is trapped within their fur to keep them warm. Be sure to purchase a sweater or jacket for your dog that they can wear awhile out on a walk.
  2. Proper Amounts of Food & Water. Having ample amounts of fresh water available for your pet will prevent them from getting sick and cold. Water has a natural ability to flush out toxins from the system, and drinking it can prevent hypothermia. More food will keep them warm as well.
  3. Winterized Outdoor Housing. Does your dog love the snow? Having trouble just getting them to come back inside? Opt for some quality outdoor housing for your pet. They deserve to be warm through those colder months, as you do by going here. Heating a home is no different in importance between you and your pets. Fully enclosed dog houses often come equipped with a heater so that your dog can stay comfortable while outside for long hours.
  4. Winter Bedding. Swap the lighter summer blanket with a wool or synthetic winter blanket. Wool blankets are great because they trap heat in and are easy to dry — and a quick drying material is something all pet owners are on the hunt for because wiping down a wet dog with an already wet blanket is never fun.
  5. Warm Compress. Compresses aren’t just for humans! Purchase a warm compress that is microwave safe that you can put in your dog’s crate or under their bed if your home is known to be chilly during the winter. These compresses can stay warm for many hours and will leave your dog happy and comfortable.

At Canine College, Bow Wow Resort, we are always thinking about your pet’s comfort first, which is why our dog boarding facility features heated rooms fully equipped with plenty of fresh water and warm blankets. We also understand that it’s difficult to keep your pet’s coat from getting matted and tangled during the winter. Contact us today for dog grooming!

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