Dog owners often have to deal with the problem of begging. Even though teaching a dog to beg on cue is a cute trick, it can get tiresome if your dog hounds you for food every time you take out a snack or eat. It is possible to prevent your dog from begging by following a few simple steps.


Don’t Reward Poor Behavior

A dog owner’s biggest challenge is dealing with this behavior. You may find it hard to resist giving in a little now and then when confronted with a pair of puppy eyes. Sadly, if you give in to this behavior even a little bit, it will be harder to stop. It may be helpful to keep your dog’s health in mind when you’re training yourself not to give in. Remembering that feeding your pet scraps from your plate will lead to obesity and several health problems down the road will make it easier to resist feeding him from your plate.


Use a Special Command, Such as “Place”

Dogs that are taught to go to their place on command are less likely to beg for food. This “place” could be anything from the rug under the sink to the crate for the dog. If you want your dog to go to its place whenever you sit down for a meal, practice this command. The dog may not stay in place when you eat, so it is best to put the dog out of the room for a few minutes (or leave the room yourself) and then return.


Keep Your Dog Busy

It’s a good idea to save a particular toy, such as a stuffed food toy or bone, to give your dog at mealtimes. You can enjoy your meal in peace while the dog is engaged in something it enjoys. You can also feed your dog at the same time as you eat. You can leave the food on the ground while you eat. If the dog approaches you and begs, ignore it. Take your food bowl home after your meal, whether you have eaten it. If you don’t want your dog to go hungry at mealtimes, it will learn quickly that it needs to eat its food.


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